[argas (persicargas) persicus and argas (argas) africolumbae as natural vectors of borrelia anserina and aegyptianella pullorum in upper volta]. 19817196729
the life cycle of argas (argas) africolumbae under constant abiotic and biotic conditions.the developmental and reproduction pattern as well as the nondiapause behaviour of argas (argas) africolumbae, reared on domestic chickens and held at 27 degrees c and 90% rh, indicate that there may be 2-3 generations annually. the minimum incubation period of eggs requires 16.2 days (mean), irrespective of the day of oviposition. larvae feed for 5-6 days and moult 10.2 days after detaching to n1. generally, there are only 2 nymphal instars. all n1 develop to n2 13.7 days after feeding. after r ...19826892180
[species-typical paralysis inducing ability of argus persicus and argas africolumbae populations from upper volta]. 19817332523
next-generation sequencing as means to retrieve tick systematic markers, with the focus on nuttalliella namaqua (ixodoidea: nuttalliellidae).nuclear ribosomal rna (18s and 28s rrna) and mitochondrial genomes are commonly used in tick systematics. the ability to retrieve these markers using next-generation sequencing was investigated using the tick nuttalliella namaqua. issues related to nuclear markers may be resolved using this approach, notably, the monotypic status of n. namaqua and its basal relationship to other tick families. four different illumina datasets (∼55 million, 100 bp reads each) were generated from a single tick spe ...201525936274
the mitochondrial genomes of nuttalliella namaqua (ixodoidea: nuttalliellidae) and argas africolumbae (ixodoidae: argasidae): estimation of divergence dates for the major tick lineages and reconstruction of ancestral blood-feeding characters.ixodida are composed of hard (ixodidae), soft (argasidae) and the monotypic nuttalliellidae (nuttalliella namaqua) tick families. nuclear 18s rrna analysis suggested that n. namaqua was the closest extant relative to the last common ancestral tick lineage. the mitochondrial genomes of n. namaqua and argas africolumbae were determined using next generation sequencing and de novo assembly to investigate this further. the latter was included since previous estimates on the divergence times of argas ...201223145176
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