characterization of reptile-associated borrelia sp. in the vector tick, amblyomma geoemydae, and its association with lyme disease and relapsing fever borrelia spp.the genus borrelia is arthropod-borne infectious agents in vertebrates, and is classified into lyme disease (ld) borrelia spp. and relapsing fever (rf) borrelia spp. in addition to these borrelia groups, we recently reported reptile-associated (rep) borrelia spp. from reptiles and from hard-bodied ticks, which probably transmitted the rep borrelia spp. in this study, we investigated the presence of rep borrelia sp. in moulted ticks, and found that trans-stadial transmission of rep borrelia sp. o ...201123761345
a novel relapsing fever borrelia sp. infects the salivary glands of the molted hard tick, amblyomma geoemydae.a novel relapsing fever borrelia sp. was found in amblyomma geoemydae in japan. the novel borrelia sp. was phylogenetically related to the hard (ixodid) tick-borne relapsing fever borrelia spp. borrelia miyamotoi and b. lonestari. the novel relapsing fever borrelia sp. was detected in 39 a. geoemydae (39/274: 14.2%), of which 14 (14/274: 5.1%) were co-infected with the novel relapsing fever borrelia sp. and borrelia sp. tag, one of the reptile-associated borreliae. transstadial transmission of t ...201222910061
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