[the first report of amblyomma fuscum neumann, 1907 (acari ixodidae) on the lizard tupinambis teguixin (l.) at the municipality of glorinha, state of rio grande do sul, brazil].amblyomma fuscum known only from brazil has been described as a rare tick species with few reports of its occurrence in south and southeast region. this is a new records this tick species (9 females) parasitizing lizard (tupinambis teguixin) at the municipality of glorinha, state of rio grande do sul. the females were deposited in the tick collection of veterinary research institute desiderio finamor (7 specimens), eldorado do sul, rs and in the acari collection from instituto butantan, são paul ...200718373904
ticks on captive and free-living wild animals in northeastern brazil.from 2005 to 2009, 147 ticks found on 32 wild animals from or referred to two zoobotanical parks (parque zoobotânico arruda câmara and parque estadual dois irmãos) located in northeastern brazil were identified. ticks found on two veterinarians working in one of the parks (i.e., parque estadual dois irmãos), after return from forested areas within the park's territory, were also identified. the following tick-host associations were recorded: amblyomma fuscum neumann on boa constrictor l.; amblyo ...201019693679
microorganisms in ticks (acari: ixodidae) collected on marsupials and rodents from santa catarina, paraná and mato grosso do sul states, brazil.information about tick fauna and monitoring of pathogen prevalences in ticks (acari: ixodidae) in various habitat types can enhance knowledge about the epidemiology of tick-borne pathogens in brazil. this work shows the results of a study of tick parasitism of wild rodents and marsupials collected in seven localities in the southern part of brazil, within atlantic forest and cerrado biomes. a total of 61 ticks were collected from small mammals, and after identification to the species level, the ...201727769655
survey of ticks (acari: ixodidae) and their rickettsia in an atlantic rain forest reserve in the state of são paulo, brazil.the current study investigated the occurrence of ticks and their rickettsiae in the serra do mar state park, which encompasses one of the largest atlantic rain forest reserves of brazil. from july 2008 to june 2009, a total of 2439 ticks (2,196 free living and 243 collected on hosts) was collected, encompassing the following 13 species: amblyomma aureolatum (pallas), amblyomma brasiliense aragao, amblyomma dubitatum neumann, amblyomma fuscum neumann, amblyomma incisum neumann, amblyomma longiros ...201020939390
ticks infesting amphibians and reptiles in pernambuco, northeastern brazil.ticks infesting amphibians and reptiles in the state of pernambuco are reviewed, based on the current literature and new collections recently carried out by the authors. to date, three tick species have been found on amphibians and reptiles in pernambuco. amblyomma fuscum appears to be exclusively associated with boa constrictor, its type host. amblyomma rotundatum has a relatively low host-specificity, being found on toads, snakes, and iguana. amblyomma dissimile has been found on a lizard and ...200819265581
comments on controversial tick (acari: ixodida) species names and species described or resurrected from 2003 to 2008.there are numerous discrepancies in recent published lists of the ticks of the world. here we review the controversial names, presenting evidence for or against their validity and excluding some altogether. we also address spelling errors and present a list of 17 species described or resurrected during the years 2003-2008. we consider the following 35 tick species names to be invalid: argas fischeri audouin, 1826, ornithodoros boliviensis kohls and clifford, 1964, ornithodoros steini (schulze, 1 ...200919169832
redescription of amblyomma fuscum neumann, 1907 (acari: ixodidae), a rare south america tick confirmed in brazil.the species amblyomma fuscum neumann, 1907 is a rare tick found on the neotropical region, but it has not been recorded as a valid taxon in some lists proposed by current taxonomists. after a comparison between the brazilian material of a. fuscum deposited in the acari collection of the butantan institute, são paulo, brazil, and the male type deposited in leiden museum of natural history, the netherlands, we confirm the taxonomic validity of a. fuscum and redescribe the adult specimens based on ...200515980961
ecological implications on the aggregation of amblyomma fuscum (acari: ixodidae) on thrichomys laurentius (rodentia: echimyidae), in northeastern brazil.we investigated the amblyomma fuscum load on a pullulating wild rodent population and the environmental and biological factors influencing the tick load on the hosts. one hundred and three individuals of thrichomys laurentius were caught in an atlantic forest fragment in northeastern brazil, as part of a longitudinal survey on ticks infesting non-volant small mammals. ticks (n = 342) were found on 45 individuals and the overall mean intensity of infestation was 7.6 ticks per infested rodent. tic ...201222349983
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