transmission of a theileria species to cattle by the ixodid tick, amblyomma cohaerens donitz 1909.amblyomma cohaerens nymphs, which had been collected as engorged larvae from african buffalo (syncerus caffer) in the mara region of kenya, transmitted a theilerial parasite to a steer. macroschizonts were detected in the regional lymph node of this steer 12 days after tick application and were subsequently detected for 3 days at low levels of parasitosis. the macroschizonts were large and had numerous nuclei, being morphologically unlike any other theilerial schizonts described previously from ...1977906088
the ecology of the african vectors of heartwater, with particular reference to amblyomma hebraeum and amblyomma variegatum.the hosts, sites of attachment, life cycle, habitat requirements and seasonal abundance of amblyomma astrion, amblyomma cohaerens, amblyomma gemma, amblyomma hebraeum, amblyomma lepidum, amblyomma marmoreum, amblyomma pomposum, amblyomma sparsum, amblyomma tholloni and amblyomma variegatum, the 10 potential vectors of heartwater in africa, are listed. factors influencing the distribution and abundance of the ticks as well as interactions with other species and the role of predators and pathogens ...19873329326
a search for the epidemic typhus agent in ethiopian ticks.the presence of antibodies to rickettsia prowazeki in domestic animals from several parts of africa, and the isolation of this rickettsia from the blood of goats and sheep and from ticks off cattle or camels in ethiopia, led to the hypothesis that r. prowazeki in nature may occur in an extrahuman cycle involving ticks and domestic animals. this study attempted to recover r. prowazeki from 2 624 ticks (4 genera, 10 species) collected in central and southern ethiopia. the ticks were examined by th ...19734204491
host resistance to ticks (acari: ixodidae) in different breeds of cattle at bako, ethiopia.european cattle breeds are being introduced into ethiopia in an effort to improve the productivity of indigenous breeds. the ethiopian cattle breeds horro and boran were compared for tick burdens with their crosses with friesian, jersey and simmental. horro animals had the lowest tick burdens and the horro x friesian the highest. adaptation to their environment and long-term natural selection for tick resistance in horro cattle is the most likely explanation. repeatability of tick burdens in all ...19938109054
tick infestation of borana cattle in the borana province of ethiopia.a study was conducted to identify and determine burdens of ticks infesting borana cattle in the borana province of ethiopia. rhipicephalus pulchellus, rhipicephalus pravus, rhipicephalus muhsamae, rhipicephalus praetextatus, rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi, amblyomma gemma, amblyomma variegatum, amblyomma cohaerens, amblyomma lepidum, hyalomma truncatum, hyalomma marginatum rufipes and boophilus decoloratus were identified on the cattle. their burdens ranged from 658-1,554 with a mean of 1,205 tic ...200111403429
the distribution of ixodid ticks (acari: ixodidae) in central ethiopia.ixodid ticks were collected from domestic animals, mainly cattle, in 11 administrative zones covering 84 districts in central ethiopia over a period of 2 years (july 1996 to june 1998). nineteen tick species were identified. four of these belonged to the genus amblyomma, one to boophilus, two to haemaphysalis, three to hyalomma and nine to rhipicephalus. amblyomma variegatum and rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi were present in all 11 administrative zones and, with the exception of afar, boophilus d ...200112026058
studies on seasonal dynamics of ticks of ogaden cattle and individual variation in resistance to ticks in eastern this study the dominant tick species identified were amblyomma cohaerens 52.2%, rhipicephaluspravus 19.3% and a. variegatum 14.6%. a. cohaerens occurred throughout the sampling period and showed a peak during march. their number declined significantly (p < 0.01) from august to december. r. pravus occurred from july to december only and peaking in september (p < 0.01). a. variegatum occurred in low numbers throughout the study period with a marked seasonal variation (p < 0.01) and abundant num ...200212241029
survey of ixodid ticks in domestic ruminants in bedelle district, southwestern ethiopia.a survey aimed at determining the status of ticks in cattle, sheep and goats in bedelle district (southwestern ethiopia) was carried out from november 2007 to april 2008. out of the total 330 animals examined, 314 (95.2%) were found to be infested (harbouring of at least a single tick). high rates of infestations were recorded across all three host species. factors like month of collection, age and sex of host species did not show significant association with infestation rates. a total of 5,507 ...201020563884
identification of novel coxiella burnetii genotypes from ethiopian ticks.coxiella burnetii, the etiologic agent of q fever, is a highly infectious zoonotic bacterium. genetic information about the strains of this worldwide distributed agent circulating on the african continent is limited. the aim of the present study was the genetic characterization of c. burnetii dna samples detected in ticks collected from ethiopian cattle and their comparison with other genotypes found previously in other parts of the world.201425423309
molecular screening for anaplasmataceae in ticks and tsetse flies from ethiopia.hard ticks and tsetse flies are regarded as the most important vectors of disease agents in sub-saharan africa. with the aim of screening these blood-sucking arthropods for vector-borne pathogens belonging to the family anaplasmataceae in south-western ethiopia, four species of tsetse flies (collected by traps) and seven species of ixodid ticks (removed from cattle) were molecularly analysed. dna was extracted from 296 individual ticks and from 162 individuals or pools of tsetse flies. besides k ...201626919143
molecular detection of piroplasms in ixodid ticks infesting cattle and sheep in western oromia, ethiopia, ticks and tick-borne diseases are widely distributed and contribute to important economic losses. several studies investigated the prevalence and species composition of ticks infesting ruminants; however, data on tick-borne pathogens are still scarce. during the study period from october 2010 to april 2011, a total of 1,246 adult ticks and 264 nymphs were collected from 267 cattle and 45 sheep in bako district, western oromia, ethiopia. the study showed infestation of 228/267 (85.4  ...201423846769
new borrelia species detected in ixodid ticks in oromia, ethiopia.little is known about borrelia species transmitted by hard ticks in ethiopia. the present study was conducted from november 2011 through march 2014 to address the occurrence and molecular identity of these bacteria in ixodid ticks infesting domestic animals in oromia, ethiopia. a total of 767 ixodid ticks collected from domestic animals were screened for borrelia dna by quantitative (q) real-time pcr followed by standard pcr and sequencing to identify the species. overall, 3.8% (29/767) of the t ...201525843811
detection of a new borrelia species in ticks taken from cattle in southwest ethiopia.we collected 284 ticks in ethiopia (109 amblyomma cohaerens, 173 rhipicephalus decoloratus, and 2 rhipicephalus praetextatus). we found no rickettsiae and bartonellae. in 7.3% of the a. cohaerens, we found a borrelia sp. that may represent a new species distant from both relapsing fever group and lyme borreliae.201323421894
prevalence, risk factors and vectors identification of bovine anaplasmosis and babesiosis in and around jimma town, southwestern ethiopia.among tick-borne diseases, bovine anaplasmosis and babesiosis are considered to be one of the most important in ruminants worldwide, causing significant economic losses in tropical and subtropical areas. this cross-sectional study was therefore undertaken from november 2016 to april 2017 with the objectives to assess the prevalence and potential risk factors associated with bovine anaplasmosis and babesiosis and also to identify the vectors involved in transmission of these diseases in and aroun ...201828939494
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