sandflies (diptera, psychodidae) from forest areas in botucatu municipality, central western são paulo state, brazil.the study of the distribution and ecology of sandfly species is essential for epidemiological surveillance and estimation of the transmission risk of leishmania spp. infection.201323849624
brumptomyia angelae, a new species of phlebotominae (diptera, psychodidae) of the atlantic forest of the state of paraná, brazil.the male of brumptomyia angelae, sp. nov., a new species of phlebotominae (diptera, psychodidae) of the atlantic forest of the state of paraná, brazil, is described and illustrated. this new taxon is closely related to brumptomyia ortizi martins, silva & falcão 1971, brumptomyia nitzulescui (costa lima, 1932), and brumptomyia troglodytes (lutz, 1922). the male genitalia of these three latter species have also been drawn.200717923998
[sand flies in timóteo, minas gerais, brazil]sporadic cases of tegumentary leishmaniasis have occurred in timóteo, minas gerais state, basically among the rural population. in order to study the region's sand fly population, new jersey light traps were set in seven different neighborhoods. specimens were gathered from june through october 1994, december 1994, and january through march 1995, with a total of 3,240 hours per trap. a total of 4,396 sand flies were captured, distributed among two genera and twenty species: brumptomyia cunhai, b ...199710886917
studies on phlebotominae (diptera: psychodidae) in the campus fiocruz mata atlântica, jacarepaguá, in the city of rio de janeiro, brazil.the presence of american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl) in the communities of the campus fiocruz mata atlântica (cfma) in the city of rio de janeiro initiated the investigation of the phlebotominae fauna in the atlantic forest to determine the occurrence of putative acl vectors associated with the enzootic cycle.201525860460
the sandfly fauna (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae) of the parque estadual da serra da tiririca, rio de janeiro, brazil.cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) in the state of rio de janeiro is sporadic and can be characterised as a peridomestic transmission that occurs in modified natural environments. the aim of this work was to study the fauna and ecological characteristics of sandflies in an environmentally protected area (the state park of serra da tiririca) within the remnants of the atlantic forest in the municipalities of niterói and maricá and their possible relationship with leishmaniasis. captures were performed ...024141956
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