[inventory of the culcinae in balagne (corsica)].we have drawn up the faunistic inventory of culicinae in balagne (corsica) in late summer. the list shows the following species (in order of frequency): culex hortensis, culex pipiens, culex impudicus, culex territans (?), culiseta longiareolata, culiseta annulata, culiseta subochrea, aedes mariae, aedes caspius, aedes vexans, anopheles claviger, anopheles maculipennis. we have observed the important recession of the maculipennis complex (only one female catched indoor) and the abundance of anop ...1978754888
[new localities for some species of culididae rarely noticed in france: uranotaenia unguiculata edwards 1913, culex impudicus ficalbi 1890, culex mimeticus noé 1899, theobaldia litorea shute 1928 and aedes longitubus cambournac 1938]. 195514388435
potential vectors of west nile virus following an equine disease outbreak in the late summer of 1998, an outbreak of equine encephalomyelitis due to west nile virus (wnv) occurred in the tuscany region of central italy. the disease was detected in 14 race horses from nine localities in four provinces: firenze, lucca, pisa and pistoia. the outbreak area included fucecchio wetlands (1800 ha), the largest inland marsh in italy, and the adjacent hilly cerbaie woodlands with farms breeding horses. to detect potential vectors of wnv, entomological surveys of fucecchio and c ...200415009441
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