biology and dynamics of potential malaria vectors in southern france.malaria is a former endemic problem in the camargue, south east france, an area from where very few recent data concerning anopheles are available. a study was undertaken in 2005 to establish potential malaria vector biology and dynamics and evaluate the risk of malaria re-emergence.200717313664
distribution of 'promoter' sandflies associated with incidence of classic kaposi's sarcoma.the patchy geographical distributions of classic kaposi's sarcoma (ks) and human herpesvirus type 8 (hhv-8), better known as kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (kshv) remain unexplained. it has been proposed that certain species of bloodsucking insects ('promoter arthropods') promote the reactivation of hhv-8/kshv and facilitate both hhv-8/kshv transmission and ks development. this hypothesis was tested by sampling the presence and density of human-biting diptera with cdc light traps in two ...200919712152
pilot longitudinal mosquito surveillance study in the danube delta biosphere reserve and the first reports of anopheles algeriensis theobald, 1903 and aedes hungaricus mihályi, 1955 for romania.mosquito-borne viruses (moboviruses) are of growing importance in many countries of europe. in romania and especially in the danube delta biosphere reserve (ddbr), mosquito and mobovirus surveillance are not performed on a regular basis. however, this type of study is crucially needed to evaluate the risk of pathogen transmission, to understand the ecology of emerging moboviruses, or to plan vector control programmes.201627066827
autochthonous dirofilaria repens in europe animal and human infections due to dirofilaria repens are increasing.201424885284
study of the malariogenic potential of eastern spain.recent autochtonous malaria cases which occurred in spain, france, greece or italy have shown the need to delve into the knowledge of potential influence of tropical diseases in southern europe. the malariogenic potential of a formerly endemic area of spain was analyzed in present manuscript according to the epidemiological parameters of receptivity, infectivity and vulnerability. during a five years period (2005-2009) comprehensive larval surveys of anophelines and continuous analysis of import ...201222543601
[anopheles algeriensis theobald in roussillon]. 195613378377
molecular phylogenetic analysis of anopheles and cellia subgenus anophelines (diptera: culicidae) in temperate and tropical regions of iran.molecular studies on population genetics of speciation across iran have recently started. morphological and molecular studies have showed that 25 species of genus anopheles are present in the country; however, relationships between vector and non-vector species as well as compatibility of morphological characters with molecular data have not been verified. molecular phylogenetic analysis was undertaken on the anopheles and cellia subgenus members internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2) sequences su ...201323206579
mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) of metropolitan hamburg, europe, mosquito-related public health concerns are growing due to the increasing spread of invasive mosquito species and the recent emergence of mosquito-borne arboviruses. a vital backbone in the assessment of these issues is detailed knowledge of the mosquito fauna, i.e. regional mosquito inventories. it was therefore decided to intensify nationwide investigations on the occurrence and distribution of mosquitoes in germany in order to update old records and to detect possible faunal change ...201424870250
species composition and wnv screening of mosquitoes from lagoons in a wetland area of the algarve, portugal.the aim of this study was to evaluate mosquito abundance, species diversity, larval and adult population dynamics in seven lagoons integrated in the wetland coastal system of the algarve, portugal, in the summer of 2007, as well as the screening of these for west nile virus (wnv). wnv has been isolated from mosquitoes in this region, in the summer of 2004, next to the putative area of infection of two linked human wn cases. adult mosquitoes were collected with cdc traps baited with co(2), and po ...201122347862
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