isolations of west nile and bagaza viruses from mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) in central senegal (ferlo).during october-november 1990, 31,497 mosquitoes consisting of 25 different species were collected in barkedji, ferlo area (senegal), and tested for virus infection. viruse were isolated from 55 of 407 pools. eighteen pools were found positive for both bagaza virus (bga) and west nile virus (wn). one alphavirus (babanki [bbk] and 72 flaviviruses (19 bga, 53 wn) were isolated from culex poicilipes theobald (29 wn, 8 bga), c. neavei theobald (3 wn, 1 bga), mimomyia hispida theobald (8 wn, 6 bga, an ...19947815413
ecology of larval mosquitoes, with special reference to anopheles arabiensis (diptera: culcidae) in market-garden wells in urban dakar, senegal.the urban area of dakar, senegal, contains > 5,000 market-garden wells that provide permanent sites for mosquito larvae, in particular anopheles arabiensis patton, the major vector of malaria. a study of the bioecology of mosquito larvae was conducted over 1 yr with a monthly visit to 48 of these wells. overall, 9,589 larvae were collected of which 80.1% were culicinae and 11.9% anophelinae. larvae from stages iii and iv (n = 853) were identified to 10 species. an. arabiensis represented 86% of ...19989835685
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