host chemical footprints induce host sex discrimination ability in egg parasitoids.trissolcus egg parasitoids, when perceiving the chemical footprints left on a substrate by pentatomid host bugs, adopt a motivated searching behaviour characterized by longer searching time on patches were signals are present. once in contact with host chemical footprints, trissolcus wasps search longer on traces left by associated hosts rather than non-associated species, and, in the former case, they search longer on traces left by females than males. based on these evidences, we hypothesized ...201324244417
morphology of spermathecae of some pentatomids (hemiptera: heteroptera: pentatomidae) from turkey.the spermathecal morphology of nine species belonging to the pentatomidae (insecta: heteroptera) were compared by optical and scanning electron microscopy (sem). among the examined species [rhaphigaster nebulosa (poda 1761), palomena prasina (linnaeus 1761), piezodorus lituratus (fabricius 1794), graphosoma lineatum (linnaeus 1758), graphosoma semipunctatum (fabricius 1775), aelia albovittata (fieber 1868), codophila varia (fabricius 1787), ancyrosoma leucogrammes (gmelin 1790), nezara viridula ...201525947482
hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometric detection applied for analysis of pteridines in two graphosoma species (insecta: heteroptera).a new separation method involving hydrophilic interaction chromatography with tandem mass spectrometric detection has been developed for the analysis of pteridines, namely biopterin, isoxanthopterin, leucopterin, neopterin, xanthopterin and erythropterin in the cuticle of heteropteran insect species. two columns, atlantis hilic silica and zic(®)-hilic were tested for the separation of these pteridines. the effect of organic modifier content, buffer type, concentration and ph in mobile phase on r ...201323727871
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