host-seeking behavior and seasonal abundance of culicoides paraensis (diptera: ceratopogonidae) in brazil.the ecology of culicoides paraensis was studied with human bait collections at an agricultural research station near belém and within 2 neighborhoods of belém, brazil, from 1977 to 1978. from collections conducted along transects that were centered on a house, we found most dense populations of host-seeking midges within and near the house. host-seeking activity was least in areas fully exposed to sunlight compared to the levels of activity indoors and in shaded areas outside. numbers of flies b ...19902324715
[1st register of an epidemic caused by oropouche virus in the states of maranhão and goiás, brazil].the authors describe the occurrence of outbreaks caused by oropouche virus (oro) in the states of maranhão and goiás, brazil in 1988. 36 strains of the virus were obtained from the intracerebral inoculation of the blood of 120 patients into 2-3 day-old infant mice. the illness was characterized by headache, fever, pain in the muscles, joints and back, photophobia, retrobulbar pain, nausea and dizziness. 128 of 197 people examined in porto franco, ma, had hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies to ...19892516642
transmission of oropouche virus from man to hamster by the midge culicoides paraensis.oropouche virus (arbovirus family bunyaviridae, simbu serological group) was experimentally transmitted from man to hamster by the bite of the midge culicoides paraensis. infection rates and transmission rates were determined after the midge had engorged on patients with viremia. the threshold titer necessary to enable infection or transmission by the midges was approximately 5.3 log10 of the median lethal dose of the virus in suckling mice per milliliter of blood. transmission was achieved 6 to ...19826800036
oropouche virus. ii. epidemiological observations during an epidemic in santarém, pará, brazil in epidemic of oropouche fever occurred in santarém, pará, brazil in 1975. in the first survey for oropouche antibodies involving a random sample of an entire city, infection rates varied from 0-44%, depending on the specific area within the city. women had higher infection rates than men, but this difference was statistically significant only for persons older than 10 years of age. an analysis of school data showed that pupils in the evening classes had a greater increase in absenteeism during ...19817212162
oropouche virus. iii. entomological observations from three epidemics in pará, brazil, 1975.urban epidemics of oropouche (oro) fever in three municipalities in pará, brazil were studied in 1975. culicoides paraensis (goeldi) were collected during each of the epidemics and there was a positive correlation, by study areas within the city of santarém, between human seropositivity to oro virus and population densities of c. paraensis and culex quinquefasciatus say. the best numerical correlation was with populations of c. paraensis. the relative absence of other species in the areas of hig ...19817212163
oropouche virus. iv. laboratory transmission by culicoides paraensis.biological transmission of oropouche (oro) virus by culicoides paraensis (goeldi) has been successfully demonstrated in the laboratory. adult culicoides, collected in an area where oro virus was absent, were infected by feeding on viremic hamsters and then periodically exposed to susceptible hamsters at specific intervals post-infectious blood meal. these c. paraensis were capable of biological transmission of the virus 4-9 days post-feeding on viremic hamsters circulating 6.7-9.9 log10smld50/ml ...19817212164
biting rates and developmental substrates for biting midges (diptera: ceratopogonidae) in iquitos, peru.biting midges (diptera: ceratopogonidae) were collected at 16 periurban and rural sites around iquitos, peru, between 17 october 1996 and 26 may 1997. culicoides paraensis (goeldi), the principal vector of oropouche virus, was the most commonly collected species (9,086 flies) with culicoides insinuatus wirth & blanton second (7,229 flies). although both species were collected at all sampling sites (linear (distance surveyed approximately 25 km), c. paraensis dominated at northern collection site ...200314765657
[studies on culicoides (diptera, ceratopogonidae). ix. differential characteristics between culicoides paraensis (goeldi, 1950), c. stellifer (coquillett, 1901), and c. lanei (ortiz, 1950); description of four new species with a redescription of some little know species]. 195114942169
two new culicoides of the paraensis species group (diptera: ceratopogonidae) from the amazonian region of peru.two new species of the culicoides paraensis species group, c. diversus felippe-bauer and c. peruvianus felippe-bauer, are described and illustrated based on female specimens from amazonian region of peru. a systematic key, table with numerical characters of females, and distribution of species of the c. paraensis group are given.200415049090
a morphological investigation of culicoides spp. biting midges (diptera: ceratopogonidae) from the caribbean.features of the antennae, maxillary palps, and mouthparts of the females of seven species of culicoides spp. biting midges collected from a montane rainforest site in trinidad, west indies, were studied by light and scanning electron microscopy. comparisons were made with two british species, culicoides impunctatus and culicoides nubeculosus. species-specific differences were demonstrated in the camber and pitch of mandibular teeth, the size and shape of the subapical labral sensilla, the size a ...200415266740
changes in relative species compositions of biting midges (diptera: ceratopogonidae) and an outbreak of oropouche virus in iquitos, peru.species compositions of culicoides paraensis (goeldi) (diptera: ceratopogonidae), the major vector of oropouche virus to humans in central and south american urban cycles, and culicoides insinuatus ortiz & leon differed along a northeast-to-southwest transect across iquitos, department of loreto, peru. the relative distributions of the species were consistent with patterns of human outbreaks along the amazon river. we resumed collection of biting midges between may 2000 and january 2004 at three ...200516119543
species diversity and seasonal abundance of culicoides biting midges in northwestern argentina.the species diversity and seasonal abundance of biting midges of the genus culicoides (diptera: ceratopogonidae) were studied in northwestern argentina during the period 2003-2005. a total of 5437 culicoides specimens were collected using cdc light traps in three areas of the mountainous rainforest area. the most common species were culicoides paraensis (goeldi) and c. insignis lutz, culicoides lahillei (iches), c. venezuelensis ortiz & mirsa, c. debilipalpis lutz and c. crescentis wirth & blant ...201020377738
oropouche fever, an emergent disease from the americas.oropouche virus is the aetiological agent of oropouche fever, a zoonotic disease mainly transmitted by midges of the species culicoides paraensis. although the virus was discovered in 1955, more attention has been given recently to both the virus and the disease due to outbreaks of oropouche fever in different areas of brazil and peru. serological studies in human and wild mammals have also found oropouche virus in argentina, bolivia, colombia, and ecuador. several mammals act as reservoirs of t ...201729247710
the spatio-temporal distribution patterns of biting midges of the genus culicoides in salta province, argentina.the goal of this survey was to analyze the spatio-temporal distribution patterns of culicoides latreille species (diptera: ceratopogonidae) and their relationship with environmental variables in salta, northwestern argentina. culicoides were collected monthly from january 2003 through december 2005. the influence of the climatic variables on population abundance was analyzed with a multilevel poisson regression. a total of 918 specimens belonging to five species were collected. the most abundant ...201223461794
breeding sites of culicoides paraensis and options for control by environmental management. 19863801745
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