an outbreak of primary pneumonic tularemia on martha's the summer of 2000, an outbreak of primary pneumonic tularemia occurred on martha's vineyard, massachusetts. the only previously reported outbreak of pneumonic tularemia in the united states also occurred on the island in 1978.200111757506
[rise in the epizootic activity of a natural focus of steppe-type tularemia in stavropol territory and its epidemic consequences].one of recurrent autumn and winter rises in the epizootic activity of the steppe-type focus of tularemia in the stavropol territory is described. during the tularemia epizooty of 1981-1982 the population of common voles (microtus arvalis) was very numerous, while the population of house mice (mus musculus) was comparatively scarce. francisella tularensis strains were isolated from different species of rodents (microtus arvalis, mus musculus, apodemus sylvanicus, rattus norvegicus, lepus, etc.), ...19853158139
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