responses of maize (zea mays l.) near isogenic lines carrying wsm1, wsm2, and wsm3 to three viruses in the potyviridae.genes on chromosomes six (wsm1), three (wsm2) and ten (wsm3) in the maize (zea mays l.) inbred line pa405 control resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus (wsmv), and the same or closely linked genes control resistance to maize dwarf mosaic virus (mdmv) and sugarcane mosaic virus (scmv). near isogenic lines (nil) carrying one or two of the genes were developed by introgressing regions of the respective chromosomes into the susceptible line oh28 and tested for their responses to wsmv, mdmv, and sc ...201121667271
development of methodologies for virus detection in soybean and wheat seeds.seeds that contain large amounts of oil, starch, fibers and phenols are the most difficult tissues for rna extraction. currently, there are some reports of virus detection in seeds using commercial kits for rna extraction. however, individual seeds were used, which may not be always suitable for analyses that deal with large amounts of seeds. sangha [1] described a simple, quick and efficient protocol for rna extraction and downstream applications in a group of seeds of jatropha (jatropha curcas ...201627408831
the n-terminal region of wheat streak mosaic virus coat protein is a host- and strain-specific long-distance transport factor.understanding the genetics underlying host range differences among plant virus strains can provide valuable insights into viral gene functions and virus-host interactions. in this study, we examined viral determinants and mechanisms of differential infection of zea mays inbred line sdp2 by wheat streak mosaic virus (wsmv) isolates. wsmv isolates sidney 81 (wsmv-s81) and type (wsmv-t) share 98.7% polyprotein sequence identity but differentially infect sdp2: wsmv-s81 induces a systemic infection, ...201021147925
the effects of b, k10, and ar chromosomes on the resistance of maize to viral infection.studies were conducted to determine if accessory (b) chromosomes, the abnormal tenth (k10) chromosome or the aberrant ratio (ar) phenomenon of maize (zea mays l.) affect the resistance of the plants to viral infection. genetically similar stocks of maize with and without these elements were compared to determine what effect they would have on the plants response to brome mosaic virus (bmv), maize dwarf mosaic virus (mdmv), wheat streak mosaic virus (wsmv) and barley stripe mosaic virus (bsmv).-t ...197817248865
isolation, transmission and purification of the high plains virus.the wheat curl mite (aceria tosichella keifer) often simultaneously transmits the high plains virus and wheat streak mosaic virus under field conditions, resulting in doubly infected plants. in this study, a pure culture of the high plains virus (isolate hpv95id), which was infected with both high plains virus and wheat streak mosaic virus, was mechanically transmitted from barley (hordeum vulgáre l.) to maize (zea mays l.) by vascular puncture inoculation. different water temperatures and durat ...200616672165
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