molecular characterization and experimental host range of an isolate of wissadula golden mosaic st. thomas virus.partial genome segments of a begomovirus were previously amplified from wissadula amplissima exhibiting yellow-mosaic and leaf-curl symptoms in the parish of st. thomas, jamaica and this isolate assigned to a tentative begomovirus species, wissadula golden mosaic st. thomas virus. to clone the complete genome of this isolate of wissadula golden mosaic st. thomas virus, abutting primers were designed to pcr amplify its full-length dna-a and dna-b components. sequence analysis of the complete bego ...200919768650
variability in geminivirus isolates associated with phaseolus spp. in brazil.abstract bean golden mosaic geminivirus (bgmv) is the single most devastating virus of common beans in the tropical and subtropical americas and the caribbean basin. the bgmv from brazil, named bgmv-bz, is considered distinct from bgmv-pr isolates from puerto rico, guatemala, and the dominican republic because of dna sequence data, the ability to form pseudorecombinants, and mechanical transmissibility properties. in bean-growing areas of brazil, samples were collected from beans, lima beans, an ...199918944768
the dna-b of the non-phloem-limited bean dwarf mosaic virus (bdmv) is able to move the phloem-limited abutilon mosaic virus (abmv) out of the phloem, but dna-b of abmv is unable to confine bdmv to the phloem.abutilon mosaic virus (abmv) and bean dwarf mosaic virus (bdmv) are two phylogenetically related bipartite begomoviruses. while abmv is restricted to phloem, bdmv spreads to non-phloem tissues. cell-to-cell and long-distance movement of abmv and bdmv were investigated after replacing the coat protein (cp) gene with the reporter gene encoding the green fluorescence protein (gfp). the dna-a and dna-b genomic components of abmv and bdmv, and their pseudorecombinants (pr), were delivered to bean (ph ...200315082926
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