characterization of burdock mottle virus, a novel member of the genus benyvirus, and the identification of benyvirus-related sequences in the plant and insect genomes.the complete nucleotide sequence of the burdock mottle virus (bdmov) isolated from an edible burdock plant (arctium lappa) in japan has been determined. bdmov has a bipartite genome, whose organization is similar to rna1 and rna2 of benyviruses, beet necrotic yellow vein virus (bnyvv), beet soil-borne mosaic virus (bsbmv), and rice stripe necrosis virus (rsnv). bdmov rna1 (7038 nt) contains a single open reading frame (orf) encoding a 249-kda polypeptide that consists of methyl-transferase, heli ...201323911632
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