movement proteins (bc1 and bv1) of abutilon mosaic geminivirus are cotransported in and between cells of sink but not of source leaves as detected by green fluorescent protein tagging.two movement proteins (bv1 and bc1) facilitate the intra- and intercellular transport of begomoviruses in plants. in contrast to other geminiviruses the movement protein bc1 of abutilon mosaic virus (abmv) remained in the supernatant after centrifuging plant extracts at 20,000 g. to test whether this unusual behavior results from a distinct intracellular distribution of the protein, the bc1 gene has been fused to the gene of green fluorescent protein (gfp). the resulting plasmids were delivered ...200111883189
subcellular targeting domains of abutilon mosaic geminivirus movement protein bc1.abutilon mosaic geminivirus (abmv) encodes two movement proteins, bv1 and bc1, which mediate the intra- and intercellular transport of viral dna in plants cooperatively. it has been shown previously that singly expressed bc1, fused to green fluorescent protein (gfp), accumulates preferentially either at the cell periphery or around the nucleus in separate plant cells. to define the bc1 domains responsible for understanding the subcellular sorting, deletion mutants were fused to gfp and expressed ...200212491102
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