pathogenesis studies with australian bat lyssavirus in grey-headed flying foxes (pteropus poliocephalus).to examine the susceptibility of the grey-headed flying fox (pteropus poliocephalus) to australian bat lyssavirus (abl), and to provide preliminary observations on the pathogenesis of the disease in flying foxes.200212465817
rabies virus infection of a flying fox bat, pteropus policephalus in chandigarh, northern india.the present communication reports for the first time in south east asia an active infection of frugivorous flying fox bat (pteropus poliocephalus) with a virus belonging to the rhabdo virus group -- a bat virus. negri body like structures were demonstrated by seller's stain and direct immunofluorescence in the brain and salivary gland of the dead bat. the virus was isolated after intracerebral inoculation of homogenate of the bat brain, salivary gland or brown fat separately in new born mice.19807210163
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