[taxonomy of the sokuluk virus (sokv) (flaviviridae, flavivirus, entebbe bat virus group) isolated from bats (vespertilio pipistrellus schreber, 1774), ticks (argasidae koch, 1844), and birds in kyrgyzstan].complete genome sequencing of the sokuluk virus (sokv) isolated in kyrgyzstan from bats vespertilio pipistrellus and their obligatory parasites--argasidae koch, 1844, ticks was carried out. sokv was classified as attributed to the flaviviridae family, flavivirus genus. the maximum homology (71% for nucleotide and 79% for amino acid sequences) was detected with respect to the entebbe bat virus (entv). entv and sokv form a group joining to the yellow fever virus (yfv) within the limits of the mosq ...201625065143
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