genetic characterization of betacoronavirus lineage c viruses in bats reveals marked sequence divergence in the spike protein of pipistrellus bat coronavirus hku5 in japanese pipistrelle: implications for the origin of the novel middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus.while the novel middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov) is closely related to tylonycteris bat cov hku4 (ty-batcov hku4) and pipistrellus bat cov hku5 (pi-batcov hku5) in bats from hong kong, and other potential lineage c betacoronaviruses in bats from africa, europe, and america, its animal origin remains obscure. to better understand the role of bats in its origin, we examined the molecular epidemiology and evolution of lineage c betacoronaviruses among bats. ty-batcov hku4 and ...201323720729
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