metabolites from the fungal endophyte aspergillus austroafricanus in axenic culture and in fungal-bacterial mixed cultures.the endophytic fungus aspergillus austroafricanus isolated from leaves of the aquatic plant eichhornia crassipes was fermented axenically on solid rice medium as well as in mixed cultures with bacillus subtilis or with streptomyces lividans. chromatographic analysis of etoac extract of axenic cultures afforded two new metabolites, namely, the xanthone dimer austradixanthone (1) and the sesquiterpene (+)-austrosene (2), along with five known compounds (3-7). austradixanthone (1) represents the fi ...201627070198
aspergillus section versicolores: nine new species and multilocus dna sequence based phylogeny.β-tubulin, calmodulin, internal transcribed spacer and partial lsu-rdna, rna polymerase 2, dna replication licensing factor mcm7, and pre-rrna processing protein tsr1 were amplified and sequenced from numerous isolates belonging to aspergillus sect. versicolor. the isolates were analyzed phylogenetically using the concordance model to establish species boundaries. aspergillus austroafricanus, a. creber, a. cvjetkovicii, a. fructus, a. jensenii, a. puulaauensis, a. subversicolor, a. tennesseensis ...201223155501
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