description, molecular characterization, and patterns of distribution of a widespread new world avian malaria parasite (haemosporida: plasmodiidae), plasmodium (novyella) homopolare sp. nov.plasmodium (novyella) homopolare, a newly described plasmodium species, was found in a wide range of passeriformes species in california, usa, and colombia. this parasite infected more than 20% of the sampled bird community (n = 399) in california and was found in 3.6% of birds sampled (n = 493) in colombia. thus far, it has been confirmed in north and south america where it is present in numerous species of migratory and resident birds from six families. based on 100% matches, or near-100% matc ...201424974962
identifying avian malaria vectors: sampling methods influence outcomes.the role of vectors in the transmission of avian malaria parasites is currently understudied. many studies that investigate parasite-vector relationships use limited trapping techniques and/or identify potential competent vectors in the field in such ways that cannot distinguish between an infected or infectious vector. without the use of multiple trapping techniques that address the specific biology of diverse mosquito species, and without looking at the infection status of individual mosquitoe ...201526160384
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