the other the past year, a substantial number of (putative) novel helicobacter species have been described, including helicobacter himalayensis colonizing the himalayan marmot and helicobacter apodemus, colonizing the korean striped field mouse. in addition, a putative novel gastric helicobacter species was identified in wild gorillas and chimpanzees, for which the name "candidatus h. homininae" was proposed. a high incidence of gastric non-h. pylori helicobacter infection was described in china and mu ...201526372827
helicobacter himalayensis sp. nov. isolated from gastric mucosa of marmota himalayana.a gram-stain-negative, microaerophilic strain, 80(ys1)t, with a spiral-shaped morphology and 1-2 sheathed flagella at each end of the cells was isolated from the gastric mucosa of marmota himalayana, the animal reservoir of yersinia pestis in china, on the qinghai-tibet plateau. the strain grew at 30, 35 and 42 °c, but not at 25 °c. growth was in the form of a thinly spreading film on brain heart infusion agar containing 8 % sheep blood under microaerobic conditions. the strain did not hydrolyse ...201525736414
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