helicobacter saguini, a novel helicobacter isolated from cotton-top tamarins with ulcerative colitis, has proinflammatory properties and induces typhlocolitis and dysplasia in gnotobiotic il-10-/- mice.a urease-negative, fusiform, novel bacterium named helicobacter saguini was isolated from the intestines and feces of cotton-top tamarins (ctts) with chronic colitis. helicobacter sp. was detected in 69% of feces or intestinal samples from 116 ctts. the draft genome sequence, obtained by illumina miseq sequencing, for h. saguini isolate mit 97-6194-5, consisting of ∼2.9 mb with a g+c content of 35% and 2,704 genes, was annotated using the ncbi prokaryotic genomes automatic annotation pipeline. h ...201627245408
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