sequencing and molecular modeling identifies candidate members of caliciviridae family in bats.emerging viral diseases represent an ongoing challenge for globalized world and bats constitute an immense, partially explored, reservoir of potentially zoonotic viruses. caliciviruses are important human and animal pathogens and, as observed for human noroviruses, they may impact on human health on a global scale. by screening fecal samples of bats in hungary, calicivirus rna was identified in the samples of myotis daubentonii and eptesicus serotinus bats. in order to characterize more in detai ...201627085289
discovery and genomic characterization of a novel bat sapovirus with unusual genomic features and phylogenetic position.sapovirus is a genus of caliciviruses that are known to cause enteric disease in humans and animals. there is considerable genetic diversity among the sapoviruses, which are classified into different genogroups based on phylogenetic analysis of the full-length capsid protein sequence. while several mammalian species, including humans, pigs, minks, and dogs, have been identified as animal hosts for sapoviruses, there were no reports of sapoviruses in bats in spite of their biological diversity. i ...201222514697
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