determination of the diversity of astroviruses in feces from cats in florida.astroviruses are small, nonenveloped rna viruses that have been linked to numerous diseases in a variety of species, including enteric disease in humans and cheetahs. species mamastrovirus 2, previously known as feline astrovirus, has been isolated from the feces of domestic cats and cheetahs. a total of 122 cat fecal samples from alachua county, fl animal services and the veterinary community outreach program at the university of florida were analyzed, and 35 contained astroviral rna that was a ...201729202674
detection of diverse novel bat astrovirus sequences in the czech republic.astroviruses are a major cause of gastroenteritis in humans and animals. recently, novel groups of astroviruses were identified in apparently healthy insectivorous bats. we report the detection of diverse novel astrovirus sequences in nine different european bat species: eptesicus serotinus, hypsugo savii, myotis emarginatus, m. mystacinus, nyctalus noctula, pipistrellus nathusii or p. pygmaeus, p. pipistrellus, vespertilio murinus, and rhinolophus hipposideros. in six bat species, astrovirus se ...201526273815
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