avian bornavirus in free-ranging waterfowl: prevalence of antibodies and cloacal shedding of viral rna.we surveyed free-ranging canada geese (branta canadensis), trumpeter swans (cygnus buccinator), mute swans (cygnus olor), and mallards (anas platyrhynchos) to estimate the prevalence of antibodies to avian bornavirus (abv) and of cloacal shedding of abv rna in southern ontario, canada. blood samples and cloacal swabs were collected from 206 free-ranging canada geese, 135 trumpeter swans, 75 mute swans, and 208 mallards at 10 main capture sites between october 2010 and may 2012. sera were assesse ...201424779463
pathology and diagnosis of avian bornavirus infection in wild canada geese (branta canadensis), trumpeter swans (cygnus buccinator) and mute swans (cygnus olor) in canada: a retrospective study.nine hundred and fifty-five pathology cases collected in ontario between 1992 and 2011 from wild free-ranging canada geese, trumpeter swans and mute swans were retrospectively evaluated for the pathology associated with avian bornavirus (abv) infection. cases were selected based on the presence of upper gastrointestinal impaction, central nervous system histopathology or clinical history suggestive of abv infection. the proportion of birds meeting at least one of these criteria was significantly ...201323581438
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