high prevalence of sarcocystis calchasi sporocysts in european accipiter hawks.the emerging sarcocystis calchasi induces a severe and lethal central nervous disease in its intermediate host, the domestic pigeon (columba livia f. domestica). experimental studies have identified the northern goshawk (accipiter g. gentilis) as final host. phylogenetically closely related european sparrowhawks (accipiter n. nisus) and wood pigeons (columba palumbus) have been found to harbor genetically closely related sarcocystis spp. however, data on the prevalence and potential interspecies ...201021074324
accipiter hawks (accipitridae) confirmed as definitive hosts of sarcocystis turdusi, sarcocystis cornixi and sarcocystis sp. ex phalacrocorax carbo.sarcocystis is a large genus of protozoan parasites with complex heteroxenous life cycles. for many species, either the intermediate or the definitive host is still unknown. in this study, 116 accipiter hawks (eurasian sparrowhawks and northern goshawks) were investigated for the presence of sarcocystis spp. in their intestinal tract or their faeces. to gain a wide distribution, samples were collected throughout germany within 2 years. it was possible to detect sarcocystis-like oocysts in 65 sam ...201627083188
unusual biphasic disease in domestic pigeons (columba livia f. domestica) following experimental infection with sarcocystis calchasi.a novel sarcocystis species has recently been reported in the domestic pigeon (columba livia f. domestica) as intermediate host, causing severe central nervous signs similar to paramyxovirus-1 or salmonella typhimurium var. cop. infection. transmission of the parasite via the northern goshawk (accipiter gentilis) as definitive host has been established. experimental infection of domestic pigeons with sporocysts excreted by experimentally infected northern goshawks reproduced the natural infectio ...201020945785
sarcocystis calchasi is distinct to sarcocystis columbae sp. nov. from the wood pigeon (columba palumbus) and sarcocystis sp. from the sparrowhawk (accipiter nisus).sarcocystis calchasi has been identified as causative agent of a newly discovered central nervous disease in domestic pigeons (columba livia f. domestica) observed for the first time in germany in 2006. initial studies have indicated that this parasite is highly pathogenic for domestic pigeons after ingestion of low doses of sporocysts shed by the northern goshawk (accipiter gentilis). here we tested whether phylogenetically related birds might regularly harbor sarcocystis species. five wood pig ...201020381254
sarcocystis calchasi sp. nov. of the domestic pigeon (columba livia f. domestica) and the northern goshawk (accipiter gentilis): light and electron microscopical characteristics.a novel highly pathogenic sarcocystis species has been shown to cycle between the northern goshawk (accipiter gentilis) as definitive host and the domestic pigeon (columba livia f. domestica) as intermediate host. however, genetically based characteristics are only available from very few bird-infecting sarcocystis species. we therefore further characterised morphological properties of this protozoan in both hosts. using light and electron microscopy, oocysts and sporocysts as well as schizonts ...201020033211
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