the phylogeography of trypanosomes from south american alligatorids and african crocodilids is consistent with the geological history of south american river basins and the transoceanic dispersal of crocodylus at the miocene.little is known about the diversity, phylogenetic relationships, and biogeography of trypanosomes infecting non-mammalian hosts. in this study, we investigated the influence of host species and biogeography on shaping the genetic diversity, phylogenetic relationship, and distribution of trypanosomes from south american alligatorids and african crocodilids.201324499634
field and experimental evidence of a new caiman trypanosome species closely phylogenetically related to fish trypanosomes and transmitted by leeches.trypanosoma terena and trypanosoma ralphi are known species of the south american crocodilians caiman crocodilus, caiman yacare and melanosuchus niger and are phylogenetically related to the tsetse-transmitted trypanosoma grayi of the african crocodylus niloticus. these trypanosomes form the crocodilian clade of the terrestrial clade of the genus trypanosoma. a pcr-survey for trypanosomes in caiman blood samples and in leeches taken from caimans revealed unknown trypanosome diversity and frequen ...201526767165
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