helminth parasites of wild foxes (vulpes vulpes l.) in the study the helminth fauna of wild foxes (vulpes vulpes) in the netherlands, material was collected from 139 foxes. the following parasites were found. cestodes: taenia spp. 53.3%, hymenolepis spp. 1.5%; trematodes: alaria alata 10.9%, cryptocotyle lingua 3.6%, euparyphium melis 1.5%, apophallus donicus 0.7%; nematodes: toxocara canis 73.7%, uncinaria stenocephala 59.9%, capillaria aerophila 46.8%, c. plica 23.5%, molineus patens 5.1%, crenosoma vulpis 4.5%, strongyloides spp. 0.7%. the tapewor ...19846741217
apophallus microsoma n. sp. from chicks infected with metacercariae from coho salmon (oncorhynchus kisutch) and review of the taxonomy and pathology of the genus apophallus (heterophyidae).metacercariae of an unidentified species of apophallus lühe, 1909 are associated with overwinter mortality in coho salmon, oncorhynchus kisutch (walbaum, 1792), in the west fork smith river, oregon. we infected chicks with these metacercariae in order to identify the species. the average size of adult worms was 197 × 57 μm, which was 2 to 11 times smaller than other described apophallus species. eggs were also smaller, but larger in proportion to body size, than in other species of apophallus. b ...201222680776
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