effect of inhibitors of sterol biosynthesis on growth and sexuality of pythium and commercial inhibitors of sterol biosynthesis were tested for their effect upon vegatative growth and sexuality in pythium acanthicum and zygorhynchus moelleri. five compounds (skf 525, chlorpropamide, tolbutamide, benzmalacene, ay 9944) inhibited both growth and sexuality of both fungi and two (skf 7732 and skf 7997) were ineffective. pythium was more sensitive to the activity of the inhibitors than was zygorhynchus. none of the compounds tested inhibited sexuality without similarly reduci ...197663104
phenoloxidase production and vanillic acid metabolism by zygomycetes.the ability of 23 strains of zygomycetes to produce extracellular phenoloxidases was examined on solid media by using 10 different reagents. the results varied depending on the reagent and indicated that most of the strains were devoid of phenoloxidase activity. the production of inducible phenoloxidases was demonstrated by the bavendamm reaction. the study of the biotransformation of vanillic acid in synthetic medium indicated that the reaction most often obtained was the reduction of vanillic ...19921602986
dna barcoding in mucorales: an inventory of biodiversity.the order mucorales comprises predominantly fast-growing saprotrophic fungi, some of which are used for the fermentation of foodstuffs but it also includes species known to cause infections in patients with severe immune or metabolic impairments. to inventory biodiversity in mucorales its barcodes of 668 strains in 203 taxa were generated covering more than two thirds of the recognised species. using the its sequences, molecular operational taxonomic units were defined by a similarity threshold ...201324027345
the olive mill wastewater as substrate for single cell oil production by zygomycetes.the conversion of olive mill wastewater (omw) into high added value lipids containing polyunsaturated fatty acids (pufa), in parallel with a significant phenolic removal by selected strains of zygomycetes, is reported here for the first time. the growth of mortierella isabellina, mortierella ramanniana, cunninghamella echinulata, mucor sp., thamnidium elegans and zygorhynchus moelleri on solidified media was not significantly affected by the presence of omw used in the growth medium up to 50% (v ...201424316440
relationship between sexuality and carotene synthesis in blakeslea trispora.when stimulated by equivalent amounts of progametangia-inducing hormones, cultures of the minus mating type of blakeslea trispora produce about the same quantities of carotenoids as mated cultures of the fungus, which suggests that the stimulation of carotene synthesis during the sexual activity of mated cultures is the result of hormonal action. these hormones were isolated and purified. from spectroscopic analysis of purified samples, it appears that the hormones are identical with trisporic a ...19685686001
mitosis in the fungus zygorhynchus moelleri: evidence for stage specific enhancement of microtubule preservation by freeze substitution.interphase and mitotic nuclei of zygorhynchus moelleri were examined by serial sections of cells fixed with a conventional procedure incorporating an enzymatic cell wall degrading pretreatment (cf) and with a freeze substitution process (fs). cf is superior for analysis of nucleus-associated organelles (nao) and the nuclear envelope. fs is best for microtubules because, during interphase, it alone retains a population of about 10 short intranuclear microtubules and also preserves more nao-associ ...19827173217
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