endogenous development, pathogenicity and host specificity of eimeria cahirinensis couch, blaustein, duszynski, shenbrot and nevo, 1997 (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) from acomys dimidiatus (cretzschmar 1826) (rodentia: muridae) from the near east.eimeria cahirinensis couch et al. 1997 was found in faecal samples of acomys dimidiatus from three different localities in the near east. twenty-two of 104 (21%) a. dimidiatus trapped on both the south- and north-facing slopes of "evolution canyon", lower nahal oren, mt. carmel, israel in august 2001 and 2002 were infected with e. cahirinensis. oocysts were also obtained from a single individual of a. dimidiatus trapped in wadi ramm, jordan in the summer of 1999. laboratory-reared spiny mice (ac ...200717048006
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