vaccination with recombinant baculovirus expressing ranavirus major capsid protein induces protective immunity in chinese giant salamander, andrias davidianus.the chinese giant salamander iridovirus (cgsiv), belonging to the genus ranavirus in the family iridoviridae, is the causative agent of an emerging infectious disease causing high mortality of more than 90% and economic losses in chinese giant salamanders in china. in this study, a recombinant baculovirus-based vaccine expressing the cgsiv major capsid protein (mcp) was developed and its protective immunity in chinese giant salamanders was evaluated. the recombinant autographacalifornica nucleop ...201728757575
ultrastructural morphogenesis of an amphibian iridovirus isolated from chinese giant salamander (andrias davidianus).haemorrhagic disease of chinese giant salamanders (andrias davidianus) (cgss) is an emerging condition caused by an iridovirus of the genus ranavirus within the family iridoviridae. several studies have described different biological properties of the virus, but some aspects of its replication cycle, including ultrastructural alterations, remain unknown. the aim of the present study was to describe the morphogenesis of chinese giant salamander iridovirus (gsiv) in an epithelioma papulosum cyprin ...201424237715
pathological and microbiological findings from mortality of the chinese giant salamander (andrias davidianus).the chinese giant salamander, andrias davidianus, is a nationally protected and cultured species in china. recently, a severe epizootic occurred in cultured chinese giant salamanders in hubei, hunan, sichuan, shaanxi, and zhejiang provinces of china, causing substantial economic losses. the typical clinical signs of diseased larval animals were jaw and abdominal swelling and subcutaneous hemorrhaging. diseased adult animals exhibited skin hemorrhages, ulceration of the hind limbs, and multiple h ...201424385158
identification of type i ifn in chinese giant salamander (andrias davidianus) and the response to an iridovirus infection.the type i ifns play a major role in the first line of defense against virus infections. in this study, the type i ifn gene designated gsifn was identified and characterized in the chinese giant salamander (andrias davidianus). the genomic dna of gsifn contains 5 exons and 4 introns and has a total length of 5622 bp. the full-length cdna sequence of gsifn is 1113 bp and encodes a putative protein of 186 amino acids that has a 43% identity to type i ifn of xenopus tropicalis. the deduced amino ac ...201525733388
characterization of chinese giant salamander iridovirus tissue tropism and inflammatory response after infection.the chinese giant salamander iridovirus (gsiv), belonging to the genus ranavirus in the family iridoviridae, causes severe hemorrhagic lesions and nearly 100% mortality in naturally infected chinese giant salamanders andrias davidiamus. however, the replication and distribution of the virus has not been well characterized in vivo. using in situ hybridization, the expression of the gsiv major capsid protein (mcp) was detected in the cytoplasm of cells of the spleen, kidney, liver and gut tissues. ...201526036830
transcriptomic analysis of the host response to an iridovirus infection in chinese giant salamander, andrias davidianus.the emergence of an infectious viral disease caused by the chinese giant salamander iridovirus (gsiv) has led to substantial economic losses. however, no more molecular information is available for the understanding of the mechanisms associated with virus-host interaction. in this study, de novo sequencing was used to obtain abundant high-quality ests and investigate differentially-expressed genes in the spleen of chinese giant salamanders that were either infected or mock infected with gsiv. co ...201526589400
differential autophagic effects triggered by five different vertebrate iridoviruses in a common, highly permissive mandarinfish fry (mff-1) cell model.autophagy of five vertebrate iridoviruses, including one megalocytivirus (infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus, isknv) and four ranaviruses (chinese giant salamander iridovirus, cgsiv; tiger frog virus, tfv; grouper iridovirus, giv; and largemouth bass virus, lmbv) were investigated in a common, highly permissive mandarinfish fry (mff-1) cell model. the results showed marked autophagosome formation in giv- and lmbv-infected cells but not in isknv-, cgsiv- and tfv-infected mff-1 cells. str ...201626748344
a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for rapid detection of cyprinid herpesvirus 2 in gibel carp (carassius auratus gibelio).a rapid and sensitive loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) assay for cyprinid herpesvirus 2 (cyhv-2) detection in gibel carp was developed. following cloning and sequencing of the putative dna helicase gene of cyhv-2 isolate from china, a set of four specific primers was designed based on the sequence. the mgcl2 concentration and the reaction temperature were optimized to 6 mm, 64°c, respectively. lamp products were detected by visual inspection of a color change due to addition of sybr ...201424574914
virion-associated viral proteins of a chinese giant salamander (andrias davidianus) iridovirus (genus ranavirus) and functional study of the major capsid protein (mcp).chinese giant salamander iridovirus (cgsiv) is the emerging causative agent to farmed chinese giant salamanders in nationwide china. cgsiv is a member of the common midwife toad ranavirus (cmtv) subset of the amphibian-like ranavirus (alrv) in the genus ranavirus of iridoviridae family. however, viral protein information on alrv is lacking. in this first proteomic analysis of alrv, 40 cgsiv viral proteins were detected from purified virus particles by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectromet ...201424906872
characterization of galectin-1 from chinese giant salamanders andrias davidianus and its involvements during immune response.galectins are considered as a multifunctional protein which play essential roles in cell adhesion and apoptosis, inflammation, tumor progression and immune response. in spite of extensive studies of galectin importance in immune system among different animals, few studies have been devoted to their functions in amphibian. in the present study, we characterized one proto type of galectin (named adgal1) from chinese giant salamander andrias davidianus and studied its function in immune response. a ...201728065604
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