molecular cloning and expression pattern of myostatin gene in yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco).myostatin (mstn), a member of transforming growth factor beta (tgf-beta) superfamily, plays crucial roles in negative regulation of muscle growth. yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco richardson, is one of the most important freshwater aquaculture species in china, but little is known about its genes relate to growth. here we report molecular cloning and expression pattern of mstn gene in yellow catfish. our results reveal that yellow catfish mstn comprises three exons encoding a protein of 3 ...200717541833
communities of gastrointestinal helminths of fish in historically connected habitats: habitat fragmentation effect in a carnivorous catfish pelteobagrus fulvidraco from seven lakes in flood plain of the yangtze river, china.abstract:200919397804
first report of mucor circinelloides occurring on yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) from china.infected yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) were sent from niushan lake fishery, hubei province, china, to our laboratory for diagnosis. macroscopic daffodil yellow mold was observed on the heads and fins of the fish and one mucor species was isolated. based on the morphological and molecular analysis, the species was identified as mucor circinelloides. its optimum growth temperature was 30 degrees c and it could not grow at 40 degrees c. the infectivity results showed wound infection coul ...201019930461
isolation and identification of pelteobagrin, a novel antimicrobial peptide from the skin mucus of yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco).fish skin mucus has recently been recognized to be a potential source of antimicrobial peptides, which provides the first line of defense against invading pathogens. this study reports the purification and characterization of a novel linear antimicrobial peptide, pelteobagrin, from the skin mucus of yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco, richardson). pelteobagrin is 20 amino acids in length (gklnlflsrleilklfvgal) and shows no clear homology with any known bioactive peptides. maldi-tof ms indic ...201021073979
molecular characterization and expression analyses of the complement component c8α, c8β and c9 genes in yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) after the aeromonas hydrophila challenge.the complement components c8α, c8β and c9 have important roles in the innate immune system against invading microorganisms. partial cdna sequences of the pf_c8α, pf_c8β and pf_c9 genes (pf: abbreviation of pelteobagrus fulvidraco) were cloned from yellow catfish. the pf_c8α, pf_c8β and pf_c9 genes showed the greatest amino acid similarity to c8α (54%) and c8β (62%) of zebrafish and to c9 (52%) of grass carp, respectively. ontogenetic expression analyses using real-time quantitative pcr suggested ...201627005612
flow cytometric determination of genome size for eight commercially important fish species in china.the genome size (c value) of eight commercially important fish species in china was measured using flow cytometry. chicken (gallus domesticus) erythrocytes were used as reference cells. when using propidium iodide (pi) as the fluorescent dye, genome sizes were 1.09 ± 0.08, 2.75 ± 0.12, 1.05 ± 0.05, 1.35 ± 0.11, 0.99 ± 0.05, 0.90 ± 0.08, 0.90 ± 0.07, and 0.88 ± 0.07 pg for japanese eel (anguilla japonica), mullet (myxocyprinus asiaticus), yellowcheek carp (elopichthys bambusa), blunt snout bream ...201222956044
identification of an isolate of saprolegnia ferax as the causal agent of saprolegniosis of yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) eggs.saprolegnia species have been implicated for significant fungal infections of both living and dead fish as well as their eggs. in the present study, an oomycete water mould (strain hp) isolated from yellow catfish (peleobagrus fulvidraco) eggs suffering from saprolegniosis was characterized both morphologically and from its sequence data. it was initially identified as a saprolegnia sp. isolate based on its morphological features. the constructed phylogenetic tree using neighbour joining method ...201222895900
molecular identification and expression analysis of a goose-type lysozyme (lysg) gene in yellow catfish pelteobagrus fulvidraco.lysozymes, innate immunity molecules, play a vital role in immune response to pathogens. the yellow catfish pelteobagrus fulvidraco (siluriformes: bagridae) is an economically important fish in china. the aim of this study was to quantify expression of the p. fulvidraco lysg gene (a g-type lysozyme) in response to pathogen-associated molecular patterns (pamp) challenge. first, the p. fulvidraco lysg gene (pflysg) was cloned and characterized. the full-length cdna of pflysg is 1323 bp, including ...201627645907
cdna cloning and expression analysis of a hepcidin gene from yellow catfish pelteobagrus fulvidraco (siluriformes: bagridae).hepcidin is a small, cysteine-rich antimicrobial peptide with a highly conserved β-sheet structure that plays a vital role in innate host immunity against pathogenic organisms. in this study, a hepcidin gene was identified in pelteobagrus fulvidraco, an economically important freshwater fish in china. the gene is named pfhep. the complete pfhep cdna was 723 bp, including a 5'-untranslated region (utr) of 102 bp, a 3'-utr of 339 bp and an open reading frame of 282 bp encoding a polypeptide of 93 ...201727815205
heavy metal bioaccumulation and health hazard assessment for three fish species from nansi lake, china.metal accumulation in fish is a global public health concern, because the consumption of contaminated fish accounts for the primary exposure of humans to toxic metals. in this study, the concentrations of arsenic (as), cadmium (cd), lead (pb), and mercury (hg) in crucian carp (carassius auratus),yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco), and bighead carp (hypophthalmichthys nobilis) from nansi lake of china were evaluated, and compared with the corresponding historical values in 2001 when the gov ...201525636438
effects on heavy metal accumulation in freshwater fishes: species, tissues, and sizes.three fish species (carassius auratus, pelteobagrus fulvidraco, and squaliobarbus curriculus) were collected from xiang river near changsha city, southern china. the concentrations of heavy metals including arsenic (as), cadmium (cd), copper (cu), iron (fe), manganese (mn), lead (pb), and zinc (zn) in the muscle, gill, and liver of three species were determined by the inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry method. one-way analysis of variance (anova) was introduced to determine the signifi ...201728233209
molecular cloning and mrna tissue expression of thyroid hormone receptors in yellow catfish pelteobagrus fulvidraco and javelin goby synechogobius hasta.thyroid hormones (ths) play a pivotal role in many physiological functions in vertebrates, including fish. their effects are mediated by thyroid hormone receptors (trs), which are members of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily. in this study, full-length cdna sequences of trs from yellow catfish pelteobagrus fulvidraco and javelin goby synechogobius hasta were cloned and their mrna tissue expression profiles were determined. in p. fulvidraco, the validated cdnas encoding for trα and trβ wer ...201424380707
effects of astaxanthin and emodin on the growth, stress resistance and disease resistance of yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco).yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) has become a commercially important fish species in china and eastern asia. high-density aquaculture has led to congestion and excessive stress and contributed to bacterial infection outbreaks that have caused high mortality. we investigated the effects of dietary supplementation with astaxanthin and emodin alone and in combination on the growth and stress resistance of yellow catfish. after 60 days of feeding, each group of fish (control, astaxanthin, em ...201626899124
complete genome sequence of the fish pathogen flavobacterium columnare pf1.flavobacterium columnare is the etiologic agent of columnaris disease, a devastating fish disease prevailing in worldwide aquaculture industry. here, we describe the complete genome of f. columnare strain pf1, a highly virulent strain isolated from yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) in china.201627587818
effect of prebiotic konjac mannanoligosaccharide on growth performances, intestinal microflora, and digestive enzyme activities in yellow catfish, pelteobagrus the present study, konjac mannanoligosaccharide (kmos) was evaluated as a prebiotic in yellow catfish. the fish were fed with diets containing kmos in four concentrations: 0 g kg(-1) (c), 1.0 g kg(-1) (km1), 2.0 g kg(-1) (km2), and 3.0 g kg(-1) (km3) for 49 days, respectively. another group fed with diets containing 3.0 g kg(-1) yeast cell wall mannanoligosaccharide (mos) (m3) was set as positive control. the results indicated that fish receiving the diets supplemented with kmos or mos showed ...201424178924
roles of plasmid-encoded proteins, eseh, esei and escd in invasion, replication and virulence of edwardsiella ictaluri.native plasmids pei1 and pei2 were detected in edwardsiella ictaluri hsn-1 isolated from diseased yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco). eseh encoded by pei1 and other two proteins, esei and escd, encoded by pei2, were found with homology to type iii secretion system (t3ss) proteins. to investigate their roles in pathogenesis, the native plasmids were cured based on plasmid incompatibility by introducing a kan positive and sacb negative selection marker into gene spacer of the native plasmids ...201323850444
molecular cloning and functional characterization of cyclophilin a in yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco).cyclophilin a (cypa) is a ubiquitously expressed protein which involves in diverse pathological conditions including infection and inflammation. in this report, a cypa gene (designated as yc-cypa) was cloned from yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) which is an important cultured fish species in asian countries. the open reading frame (orf) of yc-cypa encoded a polypeptide of 164 amino acids with calculated molecular weight of 17.70 kda. the deduced amino acid sequences of the yc-cypa shared ...201525882636
complete genome sequence of the fish pathogen aeromonas veronii th0426 with potential application in biosynthesis of pullulanase and chitinase.aeromonas veronii th0426 is a pathogen of the farmed yellow catfish pelteobagrus fulvidraco but shows high-level expression of pullulanase and chitinase. here, we present its genome sequence, which is the first reported complete genome of fish pathogen in a. veronii to date. strain th0426 harbors a single circular 4,923,009bp chromosome with a gc content of 58.25%. there are 4525 genes identified on its genome, including 4244 protein-coding genes, 32 rrna genes, 120 trna genes, a noncoding rna a ...201627080448
characterization of mmp-9 gene from a normalized cdna library of kidney tissue of yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco).matrix metalloproteinase-9 (mmp-9), one of members of the mmp family, is important for the cleaving of structural extracellular matrix (ecm) molecules and involved in inflammatory processes. in this study, mmp-9 cdna was isolated and characterized from a normalized cdna library of kidney tissue of yellow catfish (designated as ycmmp-9). the complete sequence of ycmmp-9 cdna consisted of 2561 nucleotides. the open reading frame potentially encoded a protein of 685 amino acids with a calculated mo ...201525910849
a tandem-repeat galectin-9 involved in immune response of yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco, against aeromonas hydrophila.galectins exclusively recognize and bind β-galactoside on cell surface by carbohydrate recognition domain (crd). in spite of extensive study of mammalian galectin importance in immune system, little is known about that of fish. to study the immune response of yellow catfish to pathogens, a tandem-repeat galectin-9 from yellow catfish was identified and named pfgal9. its full-length cdna was 1314 bp, including a 117 bp of 5' untranslated region (utr), a 951 bp of open reading frame (orf), and a 2 ...201626892795
identification and activity of a paralog of cathepsin s from yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) involved in immune response.cathepsin s, a papain-like cysteine peptidase, is an important regulator and signaling molecule with diverse biological actions in addition to immune presentation. however, our understanding of its structure and properties remains limited. herein, a full-length cathepsin sa from yellow catfish was cloned and named pfctssa. it contained 1366 bp, including a 981 bp orf flanked by a 123 bp 5'-untranslated region (utr) and a 262 bp 3'-utr. this orf encoded a 36.5 kd cysteine protease with the deduce ...201727989861
expression analysis of nine toll-like receptors in yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) responding to aeromonas hydrophila challenge.toll-like receptors (tlrs) are important components of pattern recognition receptors (prrs), which play significant roles in innate immunity to defense against pathogen invasion. many tlrs have been found in teleosts, but there are no reports about cloning and expression of tlr genes in yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco). in this study, we analyzed the sequence characters and the relative mrna expression levels of nine tlrs (tlr1, tlr2, tlr3, tlr4-1, tlr5, tlr7, tlr8-2, tlr9 and tlr22) in ...201728223111
heritable targeted inactivation of myostatin gene in yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) using engineered zinc finger nucleases.yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco) is one of the most important freshwater aquaculture species in china. however, its small size and lower meat yield limit its edible value. myostatin (mstn) is a negative regulator of mammalian muscle growth. but, the function of mstn in fish remains elusive. to explore roles of mstn gene in fish growth and create a strain of yellow catfish with high amount of muscle mass, we performed targeted disruption of mstn in yellow catfish using engineered zinc-fin ...201122194943
permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 december 2009-31 january 2010.this article documents the addition of 220 microsatellite marker loci to the molecular ecology resources database. loci were developed for the following species: allanblackia floribunda, amblyraja radiata, bactrocera cucurbitae, brachycaudus helichrysi, calopogonium mucunoides, dissodactylus primitivus, elodea canadensis, ephydatia fluviatilis, galapaganus howdenae howdenae, hoplostethus atlanticus, ischnura elegans, larimichthys polyactis, opheodrys vernalis, pelteobagrus fulvidraco, phragmidiu ...201021565062
histology and mucin histochemistry of the digestive tract of yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco.the histology and characteristics of mucins secreted by epithelial mucous cells of the digestive tract in yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco were investigated using light microscope and transmission electron microscope. the digestive tract was divided into a pharynx, oesophagus, u-shaped stomach (with a cardiac, fundic and pyloric part) and intestine, composed of anterior intestine, middle intestine and posterior intestine, which consisted of a mucosa (epithelial layer), lamina propria-subm ...200919426437
genetic variation of fish parasite populations in historically connected habitats: undetected habitat fragmentation effect on populations of the nematode procamallanus fulvidraconis in the catfish pelteobagrus fulvidraco.habitat fragmentation may have some significant effects on population genetic structure because geographic distance and physical barriers may impede gene flow between populations. in this study, we investigated whether recent habitat fragmentation affected genetic structure and diversity of populations of the nematode procamallanus fulvidraconis in the yellowhead catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco. the nematode was collected from 12 localities in 7 floodplain lakes of the yangtze river. using 11 i ...200818605774
new data on the morphology and systematic status of spinitectus petrowi and spinitectus gigi (nematoda: cystidicolidae) parasitic in catfishes in central china.two little-known nematode species of the genus spinitectus fourment, 1883, s. petrowi belous, 1965 (prevalence 25%, intensity 1-8) and s. gigi fujita, 1927 (prevalence 10%, intensity 2-3), were collected from the gastrointestinal tract of the yellow catfish, pelteobagrus fulvidraco (richardson), from liangzihu lake, hubei province, central china, in september of 2002. the light and scanning electron microscopical examination of this material, supplemented by a few museum specimens of s. gigi col ...200415729948
identification, localization and morphology of apud cells in gastroenteropancreatic system of stomach-containing teleosts.aim:to identify the type localization and morphology of apud endocrine cells in the gastroenteropancreatic (gep) system of stomach-containing teleosts, and study apud endocrine system in the stomach, intestine and pancreas of fish species.methods:two kinds of immunocytochemical (icc) techniques of the streptavidin biotin-peroxidase complex (sabc) and streptavidin-peroxidase (s-p) method were used. the identification, localization and morphology of apud endocrine cells scattered in the mucosa of ...200011819706
heavy metal (cd, cr, cu, hg, pb, zn) concentrations in seven fish species in relation to fish size and location along the yangtze river.the objective of this paper is to assess the regulation of the accumulation of heavy metals in the aquatic environment and different fish species.201222382698
metal accumulation in fish from different zones of a large, shallow freshwater lake.metal (cd, pb, cr, ni, mn, cu, and zn) concentrations in different fish species sampled from two distinct (phytoplankton- and macrophyte-dominated) lake zones of a large, shallow freshwater lake, taihu lake, were investigated. concentrations of most metals in muscle of the small-sized fish (protosalanx hyalocranius, pseudorasbora parva, and rhodeus ocellatus) were always significantly higher than those of the large-sized (carassius auratus, cyprinus carpio, and aristichthys nobilis) and carnivor ...201223009814
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