[human pentastomosis produced by nymphs of armillifer grandis (hett) in the democratic republic of the congo]. 19666011286
[human pentastomiasis in abidjan. a report on 29 cases].the authors report 29 cases of human pentastomida detected radiologically in the medical thoracic service over 10 years and a fatal case occurring in the paediatric clinic. after a parasitological review of the life cycle and localisation of the pentastomida in man, the epidemiology clinical picture and typical radiological appearance of thoracic and abdominal calcification are discussed. they are always detected by chance and it is the case history which establishes the link between the eating ...19826294761
[generalized and lethal pentastomiasis due to armillifer grandis (hett, 1915)].the authors described a case of generalised and lethal pentastomiasis by a five years old girl. the most heavy parasitised organs are the lungs and the brain. considering the age of the child and the uncommon density of the parasites, the authors suggest that the symptoms may follow the casual ingestion of a gravid female worm.1979231488
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