il-4 plays a dominant role in the differential development of tho into th1 and th2 cells.we have analyzed the evolution of the pattern of lymphokine secretion by th cell lines specific for either the synthetic terpolymer glu60ala30tyr10 (gat) or killed bacillus calmette guérin. when cultured in the presence of exogenous ril-2 as a growth factor, gat-specific th cell lines secreted mainly il-4, whereas bacillus calmette guérin-specific lines produced predominantly il-2. however, culturing in the presence of ril-4 or of anti-il-4 mab and ril-2 led to the establishment of th2-like and ...19921534825
microbial production of a novel trihydroxy unsaturated fatty acid from linoleic acid.a bacterium isolated from a dry soil sample collected from mccalla, al, usa, converted linoleic acid to a novel compound, 12,13,17-trihydroxy-9 (z)-octadecenoic acid (thoa). the organism is a gram-positive, non-motile rod (0.5 microns x 2 microns). it was identified as a species of clavibacter ala2. the product was purified by high pressure liquid chromatography, and its structure was determined by 1h and 13c nuclear magnetic resonance and fourier transform infrared spectroscopies, and by mass s ...19979281851
new bioactive fatty acids.many oxygenated fatty acids are bioactive compounds. nocardia cholesterolicum and flavobacterium ds5 convert oleic acid to 10 hydroxy stearic acid and linoleic acid to 10-hydroxy-12(z)-octadecanoic acid. pseudomonas aeruginosa pr3 converts oleic acid to the new compounds, 7,10-dihydroxy-8(e)-octadecenoic acid (dod) through 10-hydroxy-8-octadecenoic acid, and racinoleic acid to 7,10,12-trihydroxy-8-octadecenoic acid. dod showed antibacterial activity including against food-borne pathogens. bacill ...200818296335
ethical and legal issues in organ transplantation: indian 1994, the government of india enacted the transplantation of human organs act (thoa) to prevent commercial dealings in human organs. however, a greater number of scandals involving medical practitioners and others in the kidney trade has surfaced periodically in every state in india. the present regulatory system has failed mainly due to the misuse of section 9(3) of the thoa, which approves the consent given by a live unrelated donor for the removal of organs for the reason of affection or a ...201121905567
deceased organ donation and transplantation in india: promises and challenges.organ transplantation has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients all the world. the total organ donation shortage of the country can be met with if even 5 to 10% of the victims involved in fatal accidents serve as organ donors. the challenges include an interplay of sociocultural factors, beliefs and superstitions, lack of communication and organizational support, and negative views by the media. several initiatives to encourage deceased organ donation include the indian network ...201929547145
regulatory aspects of tissue donation, banking and transplantation in india.amendments to india's transplantation of human organs act, 1994, have established the legality of tissue donation and transplantation from deceased donors and the conditions under which they are permitted. the amended act, now known as the transplantation of human organs and tissues act, 1994, seeks to prevent the commercialization of tissue donation and to guarantee the safety of indigenous allografts. registration of tissue banks, compliance with national standards and the appointment of trans ...201829728941
morphology, ultrastructure, and chemical compounds of the osmeterium of heraclides thoas (lepidoptera: papilionidae).the osmeterium, found in papilionoid larvae, is an eversible organ with an exocrine gland that produces substances in response to the mechanical disturbances caused by natural enemies. the anatomy, histology and ultrastructure of the osmeterium, and the chemical composition of its secretion in heraclides thoas (lepidoptera: papilionidae) were studied. heraclides thoas larvae have a y-shaped osmeterium in the thorax. the surface of the osmeterium has a rough cuticle lining cells with papillae and ...201829752568
interspecific gene flow shaped the evolution of the genus canis.the evolutionary history of the wolf-like canids of the genus canis has been heavily debated, especially regarding the number of distinct species and their relationships at the population and species level [1-6]. we assembled a dataset of 48 resequenced genomes spanning all members of the genus canis except the black-backed and side-striped jackals, encompassing the global diversity of seven extant canid lineages. this includes eight new genomes, including the first resequenced ethiopian wolf (c ...201830344120
comprehensive evaluation of retinal image quality in comparing different aspheric to spherical intraocular lens implants.purpose: to compare the visual and optical quality of eyes implanted with three aspheric versus two spherical intraocular lenses (iol) after cataract surgery. methods: this prospective comparative study included 349 eyes of 349 patients with age-related cataract and undergone uneventful phacoemulsification. implanted posterior monofocal iols have an aspheric optic (tecnis zcb00 [johnson & johnson vision], acrysof iq sn60wf [alcon], akreos ao [bausch & lomb]) or a spherical optic (akreos [bausch ...201931055964
evaluation of visual quality after evo-icl implantation for hypermyopia: an observational study.the purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate the visual quality, objective scattering index, aberration, etc after implantable collamer lens with center hole (evo-icl) implantation to treat patients with hypermyopia (diopter > -10 d).a total of 30 eyes underwent evo-icl implantation. the uncorrected distance visual acuity (udva), best-corrected visual acuity (bcva), equivalent spherical degree, aberration, visual quality parameters, and corneal endothelial cell density were compared p ...201931689784
the effects of implantable collamer lens implantation on higher order evaluate the changes in higher order aberrations (hoas) after implantable collamer lens (icl; staar surgical, nidau, switzerland) implantation.201931850167
mtdna analysis: a valuable tool to establish relationships in live related organ india, 90% kidneys for transplantation are obtained from living donor while only 10% come from deceased donors. since the rate of living organ donors is high, it therefore leads to the problem of organ minimize the chances of organ trafficking, the transplantation of human organ act (thoa) 2014 was enacted in india that makes it mandatory to prove the relationship between patient and donor by dna testing. the present study was undertaken to evaluate the degree of matching betwe ...202032015594
one year results of presbylasik using hybrid bi-aspheric micro-monovision ablation profile in correction of presbyopia and myopic analyze one year clinical outcomes and subjective rating of hybrid bi-aspheric multifocal central presbylasik with micro-monovision for correction of presbyopia and myopic astigmatism.202032090037
why notto? the national organ and tissue transplant organisation and why it is crucial to regulate organ donation and transplantation in india.this study addresses the establishment of the national organ and tissue transplant organisation (notto) and its impact on organ donation and transplantation in india.202032605769
heart transplantation in india-looking back as we celebrate 25 years of the transplant law.india's heart transplantation programme is the number one programme in south asia with an average heart transplantation rate of 0.2 per million population (pmp) versus the global average of 1.06 pmp (2016-2018). the deceased donation rate was 0.67 pmp in india in 2018. the law which made it possible has completed 25 years. in the first 5 years, after the law was passed, less than 50 hearts had been transplanted. the foundation for the deceased donation programme was laid through the creation of ...202033071487
whole-genome sequencing of african dogs provides insights into adaptations against tropical parasites.natural selection in domestic dogs is of great interest in evolutionary biology since dogs have migrated to every inhabited continent of the world alongside humans, and adapted to diverse environments. here, we explored their demographic history and genetic basis of adaptation to the tropical african environment using whole genome analyses of 19 african indigenous dogs from nigeria. demographic analysis suggests that the ancestors of these dogs migrated into africa from eurasia 14,000 years ago ...201829040727
["taking full responsibility" should be emphasized in the control of population growth].since the establishment of a responsible production system in the countryside, the living standard of the general public has risen constantly, but a new problem in family planning has also occurred. a great many people believe that more male children will eventually provide more labor and thus more income. consequently, there has been a gradual rise in the birth rate. a crucial problem which needs an immediate solution is how to match the population growth and agricultural production. as a respo ...198212159389
influence of refractive status on the higher-order aberration pattern after small incision lenticule extraction study the effect of myopia on the pattern change in higher-order aberrations after small incision lenticule extraction.201728628503
[changes in high order aberrations of anterior and posterior surfaces of cornea before and after phacoemulsification].to study the effects of phacoemulsification surgery on the optical high order aberrations (hoa) of the cornea measured with pentacam.200819187658
analysis of four aberrometers for evaluating lower and higher order compare the measurements of lower and higher order aberrations (hoa) of 4 commonly used aberrometers.201323349995
living donor liver transplant is not a transparent activity in donor liver transplant has gained rapid popularity in india as a life saving procedure for end stage liver disease. the undoubted benefit for the recipient is clouded by a few unfavorable outcomes in donors which have led to allegations of lack of transparency. these factors are easily remediable with an attitude of self audit and self disclosure by transplant centers, enabling a truly informed consenting procedure.201325755473
correlation of clinical disease severity to radiographic thumb osteoarthritis determine if a slight modification of the 1987 eaton-glickel staging and interpreting 4 standardized radiographs for trapeziometacarpal (tmc) osteoarthritis (oa) improved analysis, to determine if a quantifiable index measurement from a single robert (pronated anteroposterior) view enhanced reproducibility, and to examine whether improved radiographic staging correlated to clinically relevant disease and thus support validity.201525617217
aberration compensation between anterior and posterior corneal surfaces after small incision lenticule extraction and femtosecond laser-assisted laser in-situ investigate the aberration compensation between anterior and posterior corneal surfaces after smile and fs-lasik.201526087672
genome-wide evidence reveals that african and eurasian golden jackals are distinct species.the golden jackal of africa (canis aureus) has long been considered a conspecific of jackals distributed throughout eurasia, with the nearest source populations in the middle east. however, two recent reports found that mitochondrial haplotypes of some african golden jackals aligned more closely to gray wolves (canis lupus), which is surprising given the absence of gray wolves in africa and the phenotypic divergence between the two species. moreover, these results imply the existence of a previo ...201526234211
contralateral eye comparison between femtosecond small incision intrastromal lenticule extraction at depths of 100 and 160 μ compare the visual results, higher-order aberrations, and corneal biomechanical properties of femtosecond small incision lenticule extraction (smile) at depths of 100 and 160 μm.201526266430
changes in corneal aberrations after cataract study the changes in corneal aberrations after cataract surgery.201626932465
effect of surfactant on the production of oxygenated unsaturated fatty acids by bacillus megaterium ala2.bacillus megaterium ala2 nrrl b-21660 has been well studied for the production of many oxygenated unsaturated fatty acids from linoleic acid. its major product, 12,13,17-trihydroxy-9(z)-octadecenoic acid (12,13,17-thoa), inhibited the growth of many plant pathogenic fungi. however, we have been unable, until now, to demonstrate 12,13,17-thoa production in a fermentor. here, we have investigated the effect of surfactants on 12,13,17-thoa production. surfactant types (so-25, tween-80 and triton x- ...201019748603
effect of environmental factors on the production of oxygenated unsaturated fatty acids from linoleic acids by bacillus megaterium ala2.we identified many novel oxygenated fatty acids produced from linoleic acid by bacillus megaterium ala2: 12,13,17-trihydroxy-9(z)-octadecenoic acid (12,13,17-thoa); 12,13,16-trihydroxy-9(z)-octadecenoic acid (12,13,16-thoa); 12-hydroxy-13,16-epoxy-9(z)-octadecenoic acid; and 12,17;13,17-diepoxy-16-hydroxy-9(z)-octadecenoic acid. 12,13,17-thoa, the main product, has antiplant pathogenic fungal activity. to develop an industrial process for the production of these new oxygenated fatty acids by str ...200515895222
purification and some properties of cathepsin a of small molecular size from pig kidney.cathepsin a [ec 3.4.2.-] of small molecular size (cathepsin a, s) has been purified about 800-fold from pig kidney by procedures including chromatographies on deae-sephadex, sp-sephadex, and sephadex g-150. 1. the homogeneity of the purified enzyme was proved by ultracentrifugation and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the molecular weight (100,000) and isoelectric point (pi=5.0) were estimated. 2. the enzyme was remarkably stabilized by sucrose and kcl, and was most stable at ph 5-5.5 in the ...1975238965
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