west nile virus outbreak in humans in croatia, 2012.during august and september 2012, seven cases of west nile neuroinvasive disease were identified in three north-eastern counties of croatia. four cases were reported in osijek-baranja county, two in brod-posavina county and one in vukovar-srijem county. the median age of the patients was 62.7 years. all patients were hospitalized for 2-5 weeks. the patients from slavonski brod had more severe clinical presentation of disease with prolonged hospitalization. medical entomological research was carr ...201324308241
mosquito survey during west nile virus outbreak 2012 in northeast croatia.during the august and september 2012, seven human cases of the west nile neuro-invasive disease were reported in croatia. medical entomology research on a potential vectors during the outbreak was supported by the ministry of health. a mosquito survey has been done in 64 sites in three eastern croatian counties (osijek-baranja county, vukovar-srijem county and in brod-posavina county). dry ice baited cdc traps were used for mosquito sampling in a period from the 10th to 25th september 2012. a to ...201425144969
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