[1st finding of the ancylostoma braziliense nematode (gómez de faria, 1910) in canis familiaris in cuba].according to the results obtained by investigators who have been devoted up to date to the study of dog helminthiases in cuba dog ancylostomiasis is produced by ancylostoma caninum. now, ancylostoma braziliense (gómez de faria, 1910) has been found in two dogs from the havana province. the knowledge of the invasion extension as well as of the intensity of infestation should wait for the exhaustive study of the collected material.1978358325
gastro-intestinal helminths of domestic dogs in the republic of south africa.of the gastro-intestinal helminths found in 1 063 dogs from different parts of the country, dipylidium caninum, the most prevalent cestode, occurred in 19,7% of the animals. echinococcus granulosus was present in 10 dogs, 8 of which were from urban areas, and taenia hydatigena in 69 dogs. taemia multiceps was recovered from dogs only in the cape province and the orange free state. toxocara canis was present in 81 of the necropsies carried out on 253 dogs from the pretoria municipal area, while a ...1979575920
ancylostoma genettae, a. protelesis, a. somaliense: three new species from wild carnivora in the somali republic.ancylostoma braziliense was found in somalia in acinonyx jubatus, canis familiaris, c. mesomelas, crocuta crocuta, felis catus, f. libyca, genetta genetta, otocyon megalotis, proteles cristatus; a. caninum in a. jubatus, c. familiaris, c. mesomelas, c. crocuta; a. duodenale in c. crocuta; a. iperodontatum in lynx caracal; a. paraduodenale in felis serval; a. tubaeforme in a. jubatus, f. catus, f. libyca; arthrocephalus gambiense in ichneumia albicauda; uncinaria parvibursata in mellivora capensi ...19958778662
first report of ancylostoma ceylanicum in wild canids.the parasitic nematode ancylostoma ceylanicum is common in dogs, cats and humans throughout asia, inhabiting the small intestine and possibly leading to iron-deficient anaemia in those infected. it has previously been discovered in domestic dogs in australia and this is the first report of a. ceylanicum in wild canids. wild dogs (dingoes and dingo hybrids) killed in council control operations (n = 26) and wild dog scats (n = 89) were collected from the wet tropics region around cairns, far north ...201324533332
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