serologic survey of selected canine pathogens among free-ranging jackals in kenya.serum samples from 76 free-ranging adult jackals of three species from four localities in kenya were examined for circulating antibodies against four canine pathogens: rabies virus, canine parvovirus (cpv-2), canine distemper virus (cdv), and ehrlichia canis. samples were collected between april 1987 and january 1988. among black-backed jackals (canis mesomelas), the most sampled species, the mean prevalence of antibodies to cpv-2, cdv, rabies virus, and e. canis was 34% (14 positive/55 sampled) ...19947760476
antibodies to selected canine pathogens and infestation with intestinal helminths in golden jackals (canis aureus) in israel.blood and fecal samples, collected from 46 healthy adult free-ranging golden jackals captured in two different locations in israel, were examined. a serological study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of circulating antibodies reacting with four common canine pathogens: canine distemper virus (cdv), canine parvovirus (cpv), ehrlichia canis and leishmania infantum. faecal flotation and haematological tests were also performed. the seroprevalence of cpv, e. canis, cdv, and l. infantum we ...200111409931
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