[parasitism of mustelidae by skrjabingylus petrovi: first report in western europe].a study of the sinuses parasites was carried out on 206 skulls of small mustelidae: mustela putorius (52), m. nivalis (17), m. erminea (13), martes foina (102), and m. martes (11) from eastern france. besides troglotrema acutum two skrjabingylus species (s. nasicola and and s. petrovi) were observed and s. petrovi described for the first time in france.19863813436
prevalence and molecular identification of the sinus worm skrjabingylus petrowi (nematoda: metastrongyloidea) from martes spp. in germany.the nematodes of the genus skrjabingylus (family metastrongylidae) can parasitise the nasal and frontal sinus cavities of different carnivore species. until recently, skrjabingylus petrowi bageanov & petrov, 1941, has mainly been described in pine martens (martes martes linnaeus, 1758) and sables (martes zibellina linnaeus, 1758) sampled in the european part of the former soviet union. newer finds in the stone marten (martes foina erxleben, 1777) and from different parts of europe suggest, howev ...201525681145
presence of skrjabingylus petrowi (nematoda) in central europe.examination of the nasolacrimal sinuses of pine marten (martes martes), stone marten (m. foina) and polecat (mustela putorius) from 27 localities in the czech republic were carried out. in 1 of the 23 stone martens, 6 nematodes (2 males, 4 females) were found and classified as skrjabingylus petrowi bageanov (in petrov 1941). this is the first finding of s. petrowi in central europe. the morphometry of the specimens in the present study was in agreement with that of the original description. the ...200415372229
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