clinical and molecular investigation of a canine distemper outbreak and vector-borne infections in a group of rescue dogs imported from hungary to switzerland.canine distemper virus (cdv) is a major pathogen of dogs and wild carnivores worldwide. in switzerland, distemper in domestic dogs is rarely reported. in recent years, the import of dogs from eastern europe to switzerland has steadily increased. in the present study, we describe a distemper outbreak in 15 rescue dogs that were imported from hungary to switzerland by an animal welfare organisation. the data on vaccination and medical history were recorded (14 dogs), and the samples were collected ...201526179635
first surveys to investigate the presence of canine leishmaniasis and its phlebotomine vectors in hungary.hungary is regarded as free of leishmaniasis because only a few imported cases have been reported. however, southern hungary has a sub-mediterranean climate, and so it was included in the eu fp6 eden project, which aimed to map the northern limits of canine leishmaniasis (canl) in europe. the numbers of traveling and imported dogs have increased in the last decade, raising concerns about the introduction of canl caused by leishmania infantum. serum samples were collected from 725 dogs (22 locali ...201121254904
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