a diagnostic assay based on variable intergenic region distinguishes between leishmania donovani and leishmania infantum.we have developed a pcr assay that in a single reaction distinguishes between leishmania infantum and leishmania donovani strains on the basis of different size of the amplicon. the targeted intergenic region between putative biopterin transporter and nucleotide binding protein on chromosome 35 is highly variable, species-specific and can be amplified from clinical samples. based on the assay, five tested leishmania archibaldi and l. infantun strains from the sudan and ethiopia clearly belong to ...200818578169
leishmania donovani complex (kinetoplastida, trypanosomatidae): comparison of deoxyribonucleic acid based techniques for typing of isolates from ethiopia, visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is an increasing public health concern. recently, a new outbreak of vl claimed the lives of hundreds of ethiopians. mapping its distribution and the identification of the causative leishmania species is important for proper use of resources and for control planning. the choice of appropriate typing technique is the key for determining the infecting species. here we compared three deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) based markers. we used, for the first time, cpbe ...201020438727
atypical manifestations of visceral leishmaniasis in patients with hiv in north ethiopia: a gap in guidelines for the management of opportunistic infections in resource poor regions where it is endemic, visceral leishmaniasis is an important opportunistic infectious disease in people living with hiv. typically, clinical presentation of visceral leishmaniasis includes chronic fever, hepatosplenomegaly, and weight loss. in leishmania infantum endemic regions in europe, atypical visceral leishmaniasis presentations have been well documented, with almost every possible organ involved. however, such reports are rare in leishmania donovani endemic regions such as east ...201525300862
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