leishmania infantum mon-98 isolated from naturally infected phlebotomus langeroni (diptera: psychodidae) in el agamy, egypt.leishmania infantum zymodeme mon-98 was isolated in el agamy, egypt. a total of 15 (1.07%) leishmania-like infections in the anterior midgut and in the head was found in 1,405 phlebotomus langeroni (nitzulescu); none of 1,785 phlebotomus papatasi (scopoli) was found infected. four of the 15 cultures (26.7%) were indistinguishable from a reference l. infantum mon-98 strain using cellulose acetate electrophoresis. the isolation and identification of l. infantum mon-98 from naturally infected p. la ...19921404272
[leishmania infantum mon-98, a new zymodem isolated from human visceral leishmaniasis in egypt (el agamy)]. 19892735704
leishmania infantum mon-98 isolated from dogs in el agamy, egypt. 19902202105
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