serological survey of leishmania infantum and trypanosoma cruzi in dogs from urban areas of brazil and colombia.leishmania infantum and trypanosoma cruzi are zoonotic parasites that are endemic throughout many parts of latin america. infected dogs play an important role in transmission of both parasites to humans. a serological survey of leishmania and trypanosoma infection was conducted on 365 dogs from são paulo, brazil and bogatá, colombia, south america. serum samples were examined by the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test (ifat). anti-leishmania igg antibodies were detected in 5 of 107 from bra ...200717825991
canine visceral leishmaniasis: dog infectivity to sand flies from non-endemic areas.canine visceral leishmaniasis (vl), caused by leishmania infantum (leishmania chagasi in the new world), is a zoonotic, endemic disease in western europe and latin america. the potential spreading to new regions was suggested by the appearance of canine vl among foxhounds in the us. although the sand fly vectors in the major foci of transmission have been described, no information exists on other sand flies that could propagate the infection outside endemic areas. we evaluated the capacity of lu ...200212002643
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