acute renal failure due to visceral leishmaniasis by leishmania infantum successfully treated with a single high dose of liposomal amphotericin b.we report a visceral leishmaniasis case in an immunocompetent immigrant with acute renal failure. parasites were demonstrated in bone marrow, peripheral blood, and kidney samples. a collapsing focal segmental glomerulosclerosis was documented, which was successfully treated with a single infusion of 10 mg/kg liposomal amphotericin b.200819006511
visceral leishmaniasis in angola due to leishmania (leishmania) infantum.a 26-year-old man from angola with no history of travel outside the country presented with typical symptoms of visceral leishmaniasis. the parasite was isolated and biochemically characterized using both kinetoplast dna and nuclear dna probes and showed a strong homology with leishmania (leishmania) donovani sensu lato (s.l.). when the nuclear dna of the isolate was hybridized with a specific leishmania (l.) infantum probe, the pattern obtained showed a clear signal with this species. to establi ...19948024060
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