genetic polymorphism of leishmania species using kinetoplast dna restriction fragment length polymorphism and cdna probe of leishmania donovani.leishmaniasis represents a group of diseases that range from simple cutaneous lesions through metastasizing diffused cutaneous to severe systemic infection depending upon the taxon to which the causative parasite belongs. therefore, it is important to identify the infecting leishmania. methods presently being used, including immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology have one or the other limitations, leaving scope for the search for newer probes. this study reports the characterization of l ...19989574904
[visceral leishmaniasis with an unusually long incubation time].a 25-year-old woman of yugoslavian origin came to germany two years before and did not leave germany since this time. she developed a phlebothrombosis during pregnancy which was treated surgically and with subsequent heparinisation. the pregnancy had to be terminated by section because of abnormal liver functions and increased blood pressure. these values returned to normal within two months. further tests again showed raised liver function tests (got 57 u/l, gpt 71 u/l) and antibodies against s ...19979264920
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