american cutaneous leishmaniasis.this review outlines the present knowledge of american cutaneous leishmaniasis, a disease which, owing to the increase in international travel, is being seen with increasing frequency in europe and north america. a knowledge of this disease is of particular importance to the military medical officer as in recent years approximately one-hundred and fifty cases of leishmaniasis have been seen in british troops who have served in belize. leishmania braziliensis sp. have been isolated from a number ...19836319690
cutaneous leishmaniasis in british troops from belize.the medical records of 306 british soldiers in whom a clinical diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis had been made following a tour of duty in belize were analysed. parasitological confirmation of the diagnosis was established in 187 cases; leishmania were cultured in 117 cases and leishman-donovan bodies were identified histologically in a further 70 cases. leishmania braziliensis braziliensis was identified in 78 cases and leishmania mexicana mexicana in a further 29 cases. seventy-one per cent ...19938381299
new world mucosal and cutaneous leishmaniasis: an emerging health problem among british travellers.mucosal leishmaniasis (ml) is an important complication of new world cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) caused by species of the leishmania viannia subgenus. previous reports of ml among travellers to latin america are few.200415569809
monitoring toxicity associated with parenteral sodium stibogluconate in the day-case management of returned travellers with new world cutaneous leishmaniasis [corrected].patients with new world cutaneous leishmaniasis (nwcl) caused by leishmania viannia are treated with parenteral sodium stibogluconate (sbv) to reduce the risk of development of mucocutanous leishmaniasis. our centre manages patients with nwcl on an outpatient-basis. this study was conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of this approach.201222745840
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