[cutaneous south-american leishmaniasis. parasitological and serological diagnosis by indirect immunofluorescence and enzyme linked immunoassay (elisa). 94 cases].a parasitological (direct test and culture) and serological (iif and elisa) survey was carried out in 94 soldiers infested by a cutaneous south american leishmaniasis during a training in the guyanese forest. 52 p.c of the parasitological tests were positive, direct test being much more sensitive than cultures. by this technique, leishmania viannia guyanensis was detected 8 times, and leishmania viannia braziliensis twice. i.i.f. was negative in all cases because the utilization of a non-homolog ...19912072848
an outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis in guyana: epidemiology, clinical and laboratory outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis reached epidemic proportions among military personnel in guyana during the period from november, 1977 to march, 1980. as the patients presented from widely separated areas of the hinterland it is likely that cutaneous leishmaniasis is endemic throughout the virgin tropical rain forest of guyana, although infection is normally sporadic. a striking clinical feature was the 'spirotrichoid' involvement of the draining lymphatics and nodes in half the cases, whi ...19836625725
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