isolation of leishmania braziliensis from a wild rodent in costa rica.leishmania braziliensis panamensis has been isolated in culture from one spiny-pocket mouse (heteromys dermarestianus) out of 43 examined, proving that rodents of this genus can be reservoirs of leishmania of the braziliensis complex as well as of mexicana in latin america.1977907043
the isolation of leishmania braziliensis from sloths in costa rica.eight out of 47 bradypus griseus and 14 out of 18 choloepus hoffmanni yielded positive cultures for flagellates from blood, skin, liver or spleen. in some cases, more than one species of flagellate was isolated from one animal or site. although amastigotes were obtained in tissue cultures from several isolates containing different types of promastigotes, only four of these strains (two from each species of host) were infective for hamsters and considered as leishmania braziliensis. infection wit ...19751155705
comparative experimental infections with costa rican strains of leishmania braziliensis vianna, 1911. 19694390862
letter: isolation of leishmania braziliensis from a costa rican sandfly and its possible use as a human vaccine. 19734778193
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