cutaneous leishmaniasis in three dutch military cohorts following jungle training in lesions occur frequently in travelers to tropical countries. military personnel acquire skin lesions regularly during jungle training as did dutch troops who trained in the jungle of belize in 1998, 2004 and 2009, in an area endemic for cutaneous leishmaniasis. demographic and clinical data were collected retrospectively. diagnostic investigations for cutaneous leishmaniasis included giemsa stain, culture, pcr and nasba and histopathology of biopsies. treatment of leishmaniasis was with sod ...201121450527
[cutaneous leishmaniasis--an import from belize].cutaneous leishmaniasis of the new world, in particular when caused by leishmania (l.) braziliensis, harbours the risk of lymphogenic as well as hematogenic dissemination. this may result in mucocutaneous leishmaniasis causing severe destruction of orofacial structures. dissemination may occur years after the disappearance of the skin lesions. in contrast, cutaneous leishmaniasis of the old world, is typically restricted to the site of inoculation. therefore, a conservative diagnostic and therap ...200717987367
cutaneous leishmaniasis in british troops from belize.the medical records of 306 british soldiers in whom a clinical diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis had been made following a tour of duty in belize were analysed. parasitological confirmation of the diagnosis was established in 187 cases; leishmania were cultured in 117 cases and leishman-donovan bodies were identified histologically in a further 70 cases. leishmania braziliensis braziliensis was identified in 78 cases and leishmania mexicana mexicana in a further 29 cases. seventy-one per cent ...19938381299
the isolation and isoenzyme characterization of leishmania braziliensis subsp. from patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis acquired in belize.leishmanial organisms were cultivated from cutaneous lesions of british military personnel returning from belize. isoenzyme profiles of the freshly isolated organisms and 'marker' strains of new world leishmania spp. were compared using 10 enzymes (alat, asat, me, gpi, mpi, pgm, sod, 6-pgdh, g-6-pdh and mdh), by starch gel electrophoresis. 19 of the 22 new isolates from belize were isoenzymically indistinguishable from leishmania braziliensis braziliensis (10 out of 10 enzymes) and clearly diffe ...19846710574
american cutaneous leishmaniasis.this review outlines the present knowledge of american cutaneous leishmaniasis, a disease which, owing to the increase in international travel, is being seen with increasing frequency in europe and north america. a knowledge of this disease is of particular importance to the military medical officer as in recent years approximately one-hundred and fifty cases of leishmaniasis have been seen in british troops who have served in belize. leishmania braziliensis sp. have been isolated from a number ...19836319690
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