isolation and characterization of sylvatic mosquito-borne viruses in trinidad: enzootic transmission and a new potential vector of mucambo virus.mosquito surveillance was carried out in three forested regions of trinidad during july 2007-march 2009. a total of 185,397 mosquitoes representing at least 46 species was collected, divided into pools of 1-50 mosquitoes according to species and sex, and screened for arboviruses using cytopathic effect assays on vero cell monolayers. eighty-five viruses were isolated, including members of the genera alphavirus (mucambo virus; mucv) and orthobunyavirus (caraparu, oriboca, bimiti, and wyeomyia vir ...201021118932
serological evidence of flaviviruses and alphaviruses in livestock and wildlife in trinidad.seroprevalence rates of selected arboviruses in animal populations in trinidad were determined using serum samples collected between 2006 and 2009 from horses (n=506), cattle (n=163), sheep (n=198), goats (n=82), pigs (n=184), birds (n=140), rodents (n=116), and other vertebrates (n=23). the sera were screened for antibodies to west nile virus (wnv), st. louis encephalitis virus (slev), ilheus virus (ilhv), bussuquara virus (bsqv), venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (veev), eastern equine ence ...201222989182
seroepidemiology of selected alphaviruses and flaviviruses in bats in trinidad.a serosurvey of antibodies against selected flaviviruses and alphaviruses in 384 bats (representing 10 genera and 14 species) was conducted in the caribbean island of trinidad. sera were analysed using epitope-blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisas) specific for antibodies against west nile virus (wnv), venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (veev) and eastern equine encephalitis virus (eeev), all of which are zoonotic viruses of public health significance in the region. overall, the ...201524751420
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