serologic survey of west nile virus in horses from central-west, northeast and southeast brazil.since the emergence of west nile virus (wnv) in north america in 1999, there have been several reports of wnv activity in central and south american countries. to detect wnv in brazil, we performed a serological survey of horses from different regions of brazil using recombinant peptides from domain iii of wnv. positive samples were validated with the neutralisation test. our results showed that of 79 elisa-positive horses, nine expressed wnv-specific neutralising antibodies. eight of the infect ...024037110
natural transovarial transmission of dengue virus 4 in aedes aegypti from cuiabá, state of mato grosso, brazil.dengue is the most prevalent arboviral disease in tropical areas. in mato grosso, outbreaks are reported every year, but studies on dengue in this state are scarce.201525860459
serological detection of west nile virus in horses and chicken from pantanal, an effort to detect west nile virus (wnv) in brazil, we sampled serum from horses and chickens from the pantanal region of the state of mato grosso and tested for flavivirus-reactive antibodies by blocking elisa. the positive samples were further confirmed for serological evidence of wnv infection in three (8%) of the 38 horses and one (3.2%) of the 31 chickens using an 80% plaque-reduction neutralisation test (prnt80). these results provide evidence of the circulation of wnv in chickens and ...201223295763
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